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10 Photos To Celebrate National Lazy Mom’s Day

By Jen Dennis

The words “mom” and “lazy” usually don’t co-exist, except on National Lazy Mom’s Day (yes, it’s a real holiday). Having 24 hours of laid-back, do-nothingness sounds dreamy to us, but there’s one problem: Many moms have forgotten how to do nothing. That’s where we come in. Nectar wants moms everywhere to master the art of chilling. As these photos show, practice makes perfect.

1. Napping while showing off your sticky-note artwork: The multitasking genius of a working mom.

2. For today only, putting on your workout sneakers is just as good as actually working out.

3. All accidents are forgiven, and you don’t have to discipline anyone on National Lazy Mom’s Day.

4. Just this once, kick back, and let the next Netflix show auto-play. It’s so freeing when you don’t have to decide.

5. Not. Your. Problem.

6. The happiness you feel, knowing you’re about to drink a cup of coffee without any interruptions.

7. Let the cat call the shots today.

9. Reading is fundamental. Lying in a hammock and pretending like you’re reading? Also fundamental for this holiday.

10. If you must clean house, at least do it from a very comfortable position.

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