Moving Tips | Moving your Bed

Moving Tips: Start with moving your bed

Moving rooms, or houses, or states, or countries, can be a way to take time to reflect on your life. Instead of seeing moving as a burden, a hassle, and a string of stressful chores, see it as a great exercise to get rid of things you no longer need. Ultimately, it’s the small things that are important in life – friends, family, love, food, shelter, and a comfortable bed is really all you need! In realizing how little you need, take a holistic approach when you are working with the constraint of cardboard boxes, car trunks, airplane carriers, or moving trucks. Try to eliminate what you don’t need before you pack it, so you aren’t wasting time with items you’ll throw out in your new spot. Just like having the most comfortable bed is important for good sleep, having the most comfortable transition when moving starts with a state of mind and simple habits. Here are some ideas for making your moves less stressful.

  1. Don’t hoard. Whether it’s clothes or shoes or accessories or even items of home décor – coasters, mugs, prints, or things. Over a lifetime we collect so many of these and find it very hard to discard when the time comes. The most important things to us in our homes are often the most basic – like having the most comfortable bed and space to feel safe and rested. 
  2. Regularly visit your wardrobes and shelves and make a habit out of keeping them lean. Give them away to people who need them more or recycle.
  3. Take a hard look at all the things you own and when was the last time you actually used them. Actively learn to give up pieces that have been lying untouched for the longest time, occupying precious space and cluttering your environment.
  4. Shop with a list. Buy, eat, and consume things that you absolutely need for basic living and some comfort. Impulse buys and the high they bring with them is very transient and often not timeless.
  5. Hold on to experiences, not things. Instead of holding on to an old and broken baseball bat, write about the great games you had with it. Keep a photograph from your memorable win to remind you of the good times.

Make your lives simple and manageable. The lighter your bags and homes, the lighter and freer is your mind. Realize that very few things need to be held onto for life – perhaps a comfortable bed, a working desk, a reading chair, and some prized possessions are all we need. Don’t be worried by overwhelming excess when you move. In fact, the less extra “stuff” you have, the more free you will feel.