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Mindful Meditation Leads to Better Bedtime

A good bedtime is hard to keep. We have all kinds of technology built up to get us good sleep, but unless we are actually in bed with our eyes closed, even a good foam mattress can’t save us from ourselves. And even when we finally do get in bed, oftentimes we won’t be able to sleep because of stress. We worry about how much we have to do the next day, about the dumb thing we said at a dinner party, even about how we need to sleep more! Nowadays, especially in the US, the solution tends to be pharmaceutical in nature. We take a lot of pills to get us to bed — it’s even a multi-billion dollar industry. Sleep aids are common and can be found at every convenience store around the country, but what do you do when you want a natural remedy? Sometimes technology can be beneficial (like a good foam mattress), but what do we do when we want to avoid pills? Meditation is a technique that has been around for millenia. It can focus you and bring you clarity during the day, and this often translates into better sleeping at night. Here are some great tips that we’ve compiled for you to start your journey toward a centered mind and a responsive, sleep prepared body.

Prepare Your Room

Often times our room is full of distractions. Sure, you have the good foam mattress from Nectar in the corner, but what about the TV? What about artificial lights? These things can be useful in their time, but when you’re trying to quiet the mind, these things can prove to be giant distractions. Try turning down the lights, or using candles for a more natural, atmospheric feel to your room. Soft music is often a nice touch. For bonus points try spraying a little lavender on your pillow or good foam mattress. The soothing smells will often help get you into a place of optimum mental health.

Prepare Your Body

You prepare before you exercise your body, so why not do it before you stretch your mind? Try breathing exercises to slow your heart rate and relax your brain. A good rule of thumb is to inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold for ten to twenty, and then exhale out of your mouth. Oftentimes guided meditations start with breathing techniques as it is also a good way to prepare your mind to focus on the present. Another great thing about the present? It’s never been easier to order a good foam mattress from Nectar.

Prepare Your Mind

This can be the hardest step. If you’re struggling to find inner peace, there are a ton of good guided meditations to be found all over the internet. One of my favorites is the app, Headspace. Headspace even has a before bed guided meditation, one that will have you in a sleepy space before you realize it. Try out a bunch of different guided meditations until you find the one that works best for you. As for a good foam mattress? We’d have to say that your search stops with Nectar. Our four levels of foam and the tencel cooling cover mean that you’ll never have to worry about an uncomfortable night of sleep ever again.