What Is Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design

What is mid century modern bedroom design?

Plus 6 Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas You will Love

The mid-century modern craze is back in town, and you only need to flip through your favorite home furnishing magazine or watch your favorite television show to see homes decked out in mid-century modern furniture. Even some mall window displays feature mid-century modern themes with pops of color for inspiration. It’s not surprising at all, considering that the mid-century modern look is an interior designer’s dream. Surprisingly, it is so easy to incorporate this interior design in modern decor.

The mid-century modern makeover can be easily done with a few pieces here are there. You can even achieve the look by adding the 1950s touch to come up with a mid century modern bedroom or mid-century modern kitchen. The mid-century design has become such a hot item you will find furniture design shops marketing their bed frame and modern furniture as mid-century design.

What Exactly is Mid-Century Modern Design?

The mid-century modern design has been romanticized in window designs but nothing fancy here. It merely describes furniture pieces, architecture, and decor from the mid-20th century period beginning roughly from 1933 to the mid-sixties. Simply said, this interior design craze means that this classic period of time is back in style again.

This is not, however, the first time for its resurgence since mid-century interest was displayed in the 80s. This has led to increased demand in midcentury decor pieces, with the price of some pieces increasing exorbitantly. Take for example the $66,000 marshmallow sofa by George Nelson in 1999, and as much as $10,000 for an Eames folding screen made of plywood. 

Elements of Mid-Century Modern Design

More than the hype, the clean lines and sleek style of these mid-century modern home accessories and fixtures are just too perfect to pass up for today’s modern homes. With design leaning towards chic minimalism, you can expect demand for mid-century modern homes to continue in the years to come. You can also join the bandwagon and create your own mid century modern bedroom by adding some of the common elements of style such as bedside leggy furniture made of wood, a floor lamp or a bright light fixture or even a fireplace.

The mid-century modern style is all about simplicity and functionality, so make sure you choose chic but comfortable pieces. While pops of color can naturally brighten up an otherwise cold ensemble, it is best to start with neutral colors in your palette, so you avoid overwhelming the space with too many tones. There are several guidelines you should follow whether you intend to come up with a modern design house plan or a mid century modern bedroom. But be sure to add in our Feng Shui tips for the bedroom as well. 

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6 Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Design Tips and Ideas

1- Functional layout

A mid-century modern style home follows the no-clutter design so be guided by the minimalist view. Each piece of your furniture and even your accent pieces should be functional, so forget about placing trinkets that will only create more clutter and limit space. Your bedroom should be spacious with an orderly and functional layout. The bias is towards providing more living space for the occupants, rather than filling up the room with unnecessary items. You will be surprised to realize how a good layout will give you the freedom to move around your home.

2 - Natural Materials

Your mid century yet modern bedroom interior should include natural materials considering that artists during that period worked closely with the natural environment. Think about creating a home design that will keep you close to nature. While there are barriers for security purposes, you can incorporate larger windows that will provide you easy access to the natural environment. You can also make use of materials that will remind you of the natural environment, so choose wood, metal, or even leather. Furniture designers during that era favored brass access which is usually found on the molding of the end tables or the tapered legs of chairs. Go easy on the wall decor, which should preferably have a neutral hue, especially if you want to go wild with your accent pieces.

3 - Geometrical Features

You do not need to splurge on furniture and other home accessories for your bedroom in order to come up with a mid-century design. If you are on a tight budget, you can be creative and check out the flea market, yard sale, or estate sale where you can get beautiful, yet budget-friendly pieces. Be on the lookout for bedroom furniture or accent chairs with geometric shapes as these will easily fit in with the bedroom style you have in mind. If you are lucky, it is always possible to get your hands on iconic pieces with retro style. The key is to be aware of what you should be looking for, even before you frequent the shops and the markets. With enough information, you will be able to choose the best and most appropriate pieces for the design you have in mind.

There are many options when it comes to furniture that will help you design a mid-century modern bedroom interior. You can prioritize the following pieces to match your overall design.

4 - Dresser

Every home needs additional storage space, and if you want two-in-one furniture functionality, then nothing beats a mid century dresser, preferably with lots of drawers. Choose dressers that are made of natural wood with eye-catching leg designs. The dresser is a functional piece of furniture which will help you organize your clothes or even your bedding. The small drawers can be used to keep your trinkets and other small items to keep the simple and clean look of your bedroom or even your living room. It can also provide storage space for your nightgowns, scarves, jewelry, and socks. Best of all, the dresser can function as a design accessory that can bolster your mid-century interior.

5 - Nightstand

Given the chance to use only one piece of furniture for your bedroom, the best choice would be a nightstand. It is not only affordable, but there are a variety of mid-century designs to choose from. Choose a slim one that can be easily placed at your bedside to keep your bedroom chic and clutter-free. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, this is a very functional piece as it can hold a variety of small items that you habitually need while in bed, including some reading materials, a photo frame or perhaps a mini plant. Make sure you do not overwhelm your bedside table as the usual toiletry articles will clutter the stand. Choose a nightstand with drawers so you can keep your items and other trinkets well-hidden but properly stored.

6 - Chairs

If you have space, you need not limit yourself to upholstered chairs, although that will add sophistication and artistry to your bedroom. If you really want a mid-century piece then the Eames chairs, which were made by husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames decades ago, will be a great addition to your bedroom interior. If you cannot find these period chairs, then don’t be discouraged because there are many Eames-inspired chairs out there in the market. The chair has many variations, so choose one that will match not only your bedroom interior but also the size and shape to suit where it will be placed. These chairs are available in many colors from the conservative grey to bright hues of orange, red, green, and yellow.

You can always rely on shopping the internet, to provide you with mid-century designed furniture from tables, sofas, bedding, and other home accessories. Many stores specializing in modern decor, may also have a brick and mortar location where you can visit. These shops can also be your source for pillows in different hues as well as a bed frame, floor lamp, night stand, and other furniture. These type of stores offer a variety of options for mid-century designs without breaking the bank.

The Last Word about mid century modern bedroom design

You may not be a modern home decorator, but you can make your home and bedroom more intriguing and pleasing to the eyes by adding a touch of the mid-century modern design with these simple tips above. This may be the 21st century, but it is always possible to infuse graphic design into your interior design scheme. This will give you and your visitors a chance to relive the good old mid-century style inspired by the simple and clean lines evident in their functional and natural designs. The best way to keep your bedroom calming is to keep it clean. You can check our bedroom cleaning tips here.  

The modern world is characterized by the hustle and bustle of modern life. While you cannot get away from the hectic schedule that almost everyone seems to be following today, it is always possible to keep your life simple and uncomplicated by making sure your bedroom environment will offer you peace and tranquility. It is possible to achieve this by keeping your space livable and as minimalistic as possible. Let your space express your style by choosing mid-century modern pieces for your bedroom that will speak for itself.

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