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Memory Foam Mattress: The Science Behind Sleep

It goes without saying–to sleep well is to be well. Sleep rejuvenates our brains, our souls and even our skin. It helps us subconsciously generate new ideas and relieves us of everyday stress. The quality of our life relies on the quality of our sleep. And memory mattresses don’t just help us sleep better, they help us perform better in all aspects of our life.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good night’s sleep depends on the comfort of our bedroom environments. Research shows that the feel of our mattress, pillows, sheets, and pajamas affects the quality of our sleep. Furthermore, the type of mattresses we sleep on affects our capillaries and blood flow. “When you lie on any part of your body for an extended period of time, the weight of it reduces the flow of blood through those blood vessels, which deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients,” says spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Michael Decker. This lack of circulation disrupts our sleep at a fundamental level, and the only way to avoid it is to sleep on a surface that is flexible enough to allow the body’s capillaries to circulate.

Why Memory Foam Makes a Comfortable Bed

Aeronautical engineer, Charles Yost, was the first to invent memory foam. NASA commissioned Yost to design a material that could cushion astronauts during blastoff.  Yost came up with an unusual viscoelastic material–thick and gelatinous like honey, yet stretchy and moldable like rubber. He called this material memory foam. Since then, the mattress industry has revolutionized the material, making it even more versatile. Memory foam mattresses now include added airflow and antibacterial layers, enhanced the material’s response time, and have come up with plant-based alternatives to the silicon. The material is famous for molding to the shape of our bodies, evenly distributing weight, and helping to increase blood flow. Because of this, sleepers all over the world are finding themselves better rested.  

Nectar Memory Foam – Best in Class

Memory foam makes up twenty percent of all mattress sold today. Mattress companies worldwide have adopted this magic material inventing a wide variety of products. In fact, memory foam has become so popular that consumers like you are faced with too many options, so finding a company you can trust is imperative. And to make matters worse, memory foam tends to be unnecessarily expensive. Nectar offers high-quality mattresses using four separate layers of memory foam while most other mattress companies only use two layers. Each layer is designed specifically for rejuvenating your mind and body during sleep, allowing you to live the quality life you deserve. The science is behind it and so are we.