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Meditation Practices for Restful Sleep on the Most Comfortable Bed

Posted By Erin on Oct 4, 2016

We all want to go to bed the second our head hits the pillow, but for many of us that just isn’t the case. We invest in the most comfortable bed, surround ourselves with restful colors, and even use expensive diffusers to try and coax sleep into our tired bodies. A good Nectar mattress IS a key component in the most comfortable bed (check out the testimonials on our website for first hand accounts of the comfort we bring) — sometimes it isn’t our bodies that aren’t comfortable however, it’s our minds. Meditation is a great way to feel centered and give us a sense of peace when we need it most — right before a good night’s sleep. We’ve covered in past blogs how to best ready yourself for sleep, even featuring meditation as a great way to drift off, but unfortunately not all meditations are created equally. For some of us, meditation can leave you alert and attentive, a great feature if you’re looking to start your day, but less so if you’re trying to end it. Luckily, there’s sleep expert Dr. Rubin Naiman, a practicing Yoga Nidra to help guide us in some sleep specific exercises that should get you to sleep as soon as possible, especially when practiced on the most comfortable bed.

Go to the Beach — on a Nectar mattress

Often times we think about sleep as a countdown. Meaning that we think about our rest in terms of seven hours left, six hours left, five hours, etc. This can put undue stress on yourself and actually prevent what you’re most trying to get — a good night’s rest. Dr. Naiman recommends that you instead visualize yourself on a beach. “I call it the shore of falling asleep,” says Naiman. “I picture myself on the sand of a peaceful beach, with water shining in the moonlight and no waves. I think about drifting and enjoy hovering in the space between wakefulness and sleepiness.” This allows your mind to stay focused while also giving it the freedom to drift, a ripe combination for unpacking the day and allowing you to drift off.

Gravity’s Rainbow

If that doesn’t work, or if visuals are too complicated for your mind’s eye, sometimes it can be easier to use a more abstract approach. Dr. Naiman recommends using other senses in conjunction with visualization. “If not, I focus my mind on the pull of gravity. I think about myself sinking into the bed. I feel myself becoming heavier and then caught, held, by the bed. It is a relaxing, comforting feeling.” This can also allow your mind to disassociate, a feeling linked often with sleep and dreams.


When all else fails, a simple mantra can help. And just like Nectar mattress technology, simpler means great results. “If I need an extra push, I’ll repeat to myself, gently and softly in my mind’s eye (i.e. silently) I am drifting off to sleep. I am drifting off to sleep,” says Dr. Naiman. As with everything, these techniques work great on a Nectar. Our temperature control technology keeps you level and consistent all throughout the night, just like a great meditation technique. We also can form to almost any frame or box spring, making Nectar flexible and functional! It truly is the world’s most comfortable bed. So let’s work together and give our minds the peace and quiet they deserve. See you in dream world. Namaste.

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