Are Our Mattresses Made in the USA?

This blog answers the question: Are our mattresses made in the USA? While the NECTAR mattress is not made in the US, it is assembled for shipping in Washington.

We’re living in an international world, and as informed consumers it’s great to know where our products come from. It’s only natural to ponder this question when looking for a great mattress. Obviously, the most important factor is always what gives us the most comfort, stability, and a good night’s sleep, but it’s also interesting to find out where our mattresses are sourced from. We’ll answer that here.

This is from a series of blogs based off some of the more popular questions that have been posed on the FAQ section of our website. If you’re looking for quick, informative answers to any questions you may have, we definitely recommend that you check it out there. Remember, if you still have queries after checking out the website, we have a great group of people ready to answer your questions through chat, email, or social media. We value your opinion and can’t wait to show you why our mattresses are going to give you the soundest sleep you’ve ever had.

Our Mattresses are Made Overseas to Make Sure You Have the Best Ingredients for a Perfect Sleep

Our mattresses are made overseas so that we have access to the materials that make the NECTAR mattress so special. We pull from all over the world to get multiple layers of memory foam, gel, the base, and topper to make a sleeping experience that is uniquely NECTAR. It’s not often that you have a mattress with this design and high quality of materials at such a low price point, so we have to scour the globe to make sure you’re getting the best deal while never sacrificing excellence.

Let’s break it down inside the mattress, so you can truly see what makes NECTAR so special. Our use of adaptive hi-core memory foam is unique to the NECTAR mattress — no other direct to consumer bed builds it into their mattress because it is heavy, expensive, and hard to ship. We don’t like to compromise when it comes to support though, so we’ve made sure that you’re getting a bed that is both super comfortable AND able to give you a rejuvenative sleep experience thanks in large part to this adaptive hi-core memory foam.

On top of this, layer in two other types of foam, a custom milled tencel cooling cover, and pull  it all together with a hearty breathable base layer. That’s an international coalition of bedding that’s only goal is to make sure you have the best sleep of your life every single night. It’s like the A-Team, if the A-Team was a bed!

We Assemble Our Beds for Shipping in Washington For Fast, Reliable Delivery

NECTAR partners with quality overseas manufacturers to manufacture the mattresses to NECTAR’s specifications. Mattresses are imported to NECTAR’s  facility in Seattle, where they are inspected before being shipped to consumers.Our factories adhere to the strictest quality and production protocols under international regulations. We test all of the materials we use several times throughout our production process, before carefully inspecting every single mattress that leaves the production line.

This process allows us to make our mattresses with the best materials in the world, while still giving us the flexibility while shipping to get them to our happy sleepers as soon as humanly possible. We work hard to make sure that your bed will get to you when you need it. While occasionally the popularity of the NECTAR makes backorders a possibility, know that when you order it, you will be given a direct and realistic timetable of when your mattress will be delivered to you.

It’s a point of pride for us that we can provide a superior product at a lightning fast speed. This can only happen because of our distribution center in the good old US of A. Just like any great team, NECTAR pulls all its resources together to create an excellent result: you sleeping like a baby on a brand new mattress. Enjoy!


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