Make Way For Summer - Sleep More, Feel Better

Make Way For Summer: Sleep More, Feel Better

Summer is upon us in a big way. It’s time for seeing friends, taking day trips, and living the good life. Summer is the time when we fit in all the things that we don’t get to do during the rest of the year, and that includes fixing our sleep cycle. Wait, sleep isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of summer?

Well, it should be! Besides usually being the time when we have a vacation (so that we can actually get to bed when we want), summer actually has some of the best ways to sleep. Whether it’s a light hammock snooze, on the porch with a book, or in bed with a fan, you’re bound to have a favorite. There are some drawbacks to days full of light, heat, and sound, though. With your body adjusting to a new sleep cycle. While it may be harder to get to bed at night, there are actual reasons why your sleep feels better and your body feels more rested in the summer months. Here’s how the summer affects your sleep cycle, and how you can adjust your life accordingly.

Your Sleep Cycle Makes You Feel More Awake in the Summer

You’ll actually feel more awake during the summer than just about any other season. This has to do with your sleep cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm. It turns out that your body clock is actually regulated by how much light that you’re exposed to during your waking hours. So as the days get longer, your body is actually able to stay vital and active longer with less rest.

Unfortunately, this can also work against you, as your sleep cycle could put you at odds with your work schedule. If you have to go to bed early (because you get up early, and we all know 8 hours of sleep is super important), then you may have to go to bed when it’s still light out. That means that you could be fighting your circadian rhythm. It’s OK, though you can aid your quest for the best way to sleep by using blackout curtains or a face mask to help tune out that light and fall asleep on your own schedule.

Summer Naps are the Best Naps

One great part about this time of year is definitely the summer nap. Siestas have been a big part of cultures going back to agrarian times, when farmers used to take the afternoon off so they wouldn’t have to worry about working the fields in scorching heat. These days, we may not be farming, but there are true work benefits to be had from taking a mid-afternoon nap. There are new studies to suggest that naps help us focus, increase energy, and promote creativity. They’re so effective that many major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft now offer employees space where they can nap during the day.

Don’t just leave a nap for work though, summer offers the best naps ever. Grab a book, an ice cold glass of lemonade, and spend a lazy afternoon having the time of your life. In summer, the best way to sleep is always whatever way you see fit! Let us know what kind of summer sleep you’re looking to get this year. And if you’re curious, check out here how much sleep you actually need every night! The answer might surprise you.

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