How Long Does it Take a Nectar Mattress to Expand?

First off, thank you for purchasing a Nectar. You’re in for a real treat, and we know you’re going to love what we feel is the comfiest mattress in the game. So, you’ve placed your order, waited on that (super fast) delivery, got home, unpacked it, and now can’t wait for a chance to sleep on it.

Here’s the thing: just like you, your mattress needs a little while to decompress after a long trip before it can get back to its normal self. While we understand wanting to sleep on it right away (with great memory foam, a Tencel cooling cover, and a breathable base layer who wouldn’t?) we just wanted to explain why it’s important to temper that excitement for a few hours before enjoying your new mattress. Here’s how long you should wait, what you should look for, and why that time is crucial to having the best bed you can get.

Nectar Mattress Expand Time

Like every sleeper, every bedroom is a little different. Our mattress needs between 24 and 72 hours to expand and adjust to your home to give you the best sleep possible. The good news is that once your mattress expands, it’s going to stay that way, giving you bountiful and beautiful sleep night after night for as long as you can imagine. Here are the factors that can affect your mattress expansion time.

Why It Takes Time For The Mattress To Expand

First, the air pressure of each room is different (depending on altitude and other factors). Second, the amount of time it takes to expand can depend on the humidity in your bedroom. Living in an arid area of the country or a steamier climate can affect the amount of time it takes for your mattress to get into tip-top sleep shape. Third, your room’s ventilation can either speed up or slow down this process, affecting how much airflow your mattress can get. Combining all these factors together can give a more complete picture of how long this process might take.

How To Know if Your Mattress is Fully Expanded

You’ll probably notice your Nectar mattress expanding little by little. While it may be tempting to hop on it earlier to see if it’s ready, the best (and only real way) to know is to wait until it is fully expanded.

Once it’s expanded, you’re going to experience a perfect and even night’s sleep that supports as it comforts, so we want to make sure that you’re getting the full Nectar experience right out the gate. Just take that time and plan out exactly how your sleep is going to go. Anticipation and excitement are great, and it’s almost time to have the best sleep of your life!

What You Should Do if Your Nectar Mattress Is Not Expanding

It’s highly unlikely that your mattress won’t expand correctly if you follow these simple guidelines, but on the off chance it does, there are a few simple things you can do.

First: contact us! We have a rock star team put together whose only goal is to make sure your sleep (and mattress) are a life changing experience. It’s easy too and we’re online 7 days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST. You can call us at 1-888-863-2827 and email us here.

Next: don’t panic! If for some reason your mattress isn’t up to snuff, we have an awesome guarantee that will replace it with another mattress as quick as you can say, “forever warranty.”

Just remember that your best sleep is all we care about. Giving your mattress 24-72 hours to expand is one way to ensure that this best sleep will find you from the start. We’re excited that we get to be a part of your sleep experience.

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