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7 Life Decisions You Should Definitely Sleep On

We strongly believe in the importance of getting a good night’s sleep on a top-rated mattress every night of your life. But there are certain occasions when restful sleep is especially important—like when you’re about to make a major life decision. If research shows that sleep deprivation and impulsiveness go hand-in-hand, then steady, thoughtful consideration should be more achievable with restorative zzz’s.

To prove our point, here are seven power moves you might not want to make if you can barely stay awake:

1. Moving out

Whether you’re dying to escape a bad roommate or ready to accept a job offer in a different city, moving is one of life’s most stressful experiences (a  recent survey found that 13 percent of people think it’s more stressful than going to jail!). On the flip side, moving can also transform your life for the better. Either way, it’s a big deal, and you shouldn’t make the decision in haste and bleary-eyed.

2. Moving in together

For most couples, cohabitating also mean co-sleeping, but that’s not always mutually beneficial, especially if you don’t know what kind of sleeper your mate is. In fact, reports show that 12 percent of American couples have requested a sleep divorce where they choose not to share a bed. Our advice: Sleep on this decision (alone!), and make sure you ask your mate these questions before you start sharing a bed.

3. Becoming a pet parent

Puppies and kittens are joy to the world. However, they require a LOT of work, including obedience training, vet visits, poop cleanup, pet-hair cleanup, and constant coupon-cutting (pet food is pricey!).  Before you bring a fur-baby into your world because your neighbor’s Cockapoo is so cute, spend a night or two (or 21) sleeping soundly in a bedroom free of pet dander and urine stains on the carpet. Then, make the call.

4. Changing your diet overnight

You probably have a very good reason for wanting to go gluten-free, plant-based, or keto—totally your call. But purging your fridge and pantry at 3 am when you should be sleeping—so you can get started in the morning!—isn’t the best plan of action. Instead, talk to your doctor or nutritionist, download some recipes, and go grocery shopping—all of which require rest.

5. Asking for a raise

We’re all about knowing your worth and using your voice at the office. But preparation is everything. Make sure you’ve crafted a solid pitch to present to your boss, and get a solid night’s sleep so YOU feel like a boss. If you don’t get the raise, rest easy knowing this: More than 40 percent of Americans would take a 10 percent pay cut for one perfect night of rest, according to a recent poll.

6. Quitting your job

Even one night of sleep deprivation can make you react irrationally, experts say. Your brain has a harder time regulating decisions and controlling impulses without proper rest. So before you tell your boss how you really feel (and regret it five minutes later), have an eight hour sidebar with your pillow first.

7. Getting a drastic haircut

Cutting bangs in your bathroom mirror or doing blue streaks in the middle of the night is probably not in your best interest (remember that part about sleep deprivation and impulsiveness?) The better bet: Call off the makeover cavalry and decide on your new look after you’ve gotten your beauty sleep. 

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