Learn the Sleep Habits of Tom Brady and Sleep Like a Champ

Posted By Erin on May 30, 2017

Tom Brady lives a good life. He’s a five time Superbowl champion, married to a supermodel, splits his time between mansions, and loves to snack. You know what else? He’s passionate about time spent on a comfortable bed. It turns out that the Patriots superstar is way into the rejuvenating and healing effects of a good night’s sleep. So while we don’t know for sure that a comfortable bed from Nectar is the way that Tom Brady spends his nights, we can agree that he’d love the quality and value of a good night’s sleep — a Nectar signature. “I firmly believe that sleep and recovery are critical aspects of an effective and holistic training program,” Brady said in a statement. “Proper sleep has helped me get to where I am today as an athlete and it is something that I continue to rely on every day.” It’s true, the science is in: sleep is a vital component of any exercise schedule. The recovery of your body is totally dependent on the enzymes you produce while you sleep. That means a comfortable bed is the most important tool that you can have for sculpting your body. “You can only work out as hard as your ability to recover,” Brady says. “To be able to rebuild my body with a good night of sleep is so important to be able to continue to play football at a very high level.”

Go To Bed Early… and Stay There

According to an article in Sports Illustrated, Tom Brady goes to bed at nine pm every day. That means that he’s getting at least nine or ten hours of sleep a night. Tom states that he usually feels overly stimulated after a day of practicing and watching game film, so he’s come up with a list of cognitive exercises that allow him to destress. These exercises have the added benefit of helping him wake up without an alarm, something that sleep scientists agree is optimal if you can manage it. That way, you’re always completing a sleep cycle and never waking up halfway through it. There’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and sleepy on a comfortable bed.

Keep The Bedroom Dark

Tom keeps all the lights off in his bedroom, minimizing blue light and other sleep enemies that could be keeping him up. “I like it cold and dark like a bear,” Brady said in a recent interview with Parade Magazine. If you’re having trouble falling asleep on a comfortable bed, try ditching the phone and Netflix. Keep your bedroom a place of peace and sleep. Just like Tom Brady. So there’s the sleep routine of one of the best to ever play the game. While we can’t say for sure that he’s sleeping on a Nectar, we can say that Nectar makes a comfortable bed at a price point that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to be able to afford. Try one today and see for yourself. The difference will leave you feeling like a champ.

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