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How Lack of Sleep Affects Someone’s Mood

Some people seem naturally chipper. They wake up smiling and go through life with a grin on their face, like they know some secret the rest of us don’t. Well, maybe the time they are putting in sleeping on their bed mattresses could have something to do with it. It turns out that over a third of Americans suffer from lack of sleep. The time that they aren’t on their bed mattresses often leads to interactions that are overly irritating, emotional, and explosive.

Researchers at UC Berkeley have been trying to quantify this crabby feeling for a while now. Eti Ben Simon is a researcher who specializes in this touchy subject, and it turns out that these feelings are rooted in reality, and can’t just be swept under the bed mattresses, to use a colloquialism.

“Our emotional wellbeing is dramatically impaired without sleep,” said Simon. “People who have lost one night of sleep report feeling more anxious, having less positive mood and are more easily stressed.”

Even when we know that we haven’t gotten much sleep and try to “put a good face on it” it’s often not enough.

“Studies have shown that relationship conflicts tend to be more aggressive the worse sleep we had the previous night,” says Simon.

The Solution? Sleep More and Forever Hold Your Peace

So what can you do when you’re feeling drained and fragile? The answer is simple and hard to do: get more sleep. Try starting with some good sleep hygiene. Cleanse your room of any distractions that could be hindering the sleep you crave. Get rid of cell phones, smart tvs, and tablets, spray soothing smells, even buy a dehumidifier if it helps. Make your space a haven for sleep.

It’s also about putting in the time. It can be hard to fit everything in during the week, but remember it is so important to prioritize sleep. A good amount of time on great bed mattresses (we recommend a Nectar) can make everything else you do during the week better. Don’t take our for it, your sleep partner will thank you too. It’s something that Eti Ben Simon doesn’t take for granted.

“It sounds simple but there is so much competing with sleep these days that sleeping is constantly pushed down our list of priorities,” she says. “If you push sleep back up to its rightful place you’ll thank yourself in the morning.”

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