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Kids Who Get More Sleep Are Less Likely To Get Type-2 Diabetes

In the United States, more than one in three people will develop type-2 diabetes at some point in their lives. While type-2 diabetes affects men and women of any age, recent developments showed a huge increase in youth cases in the last decade. In point of fact, thousands of kids are diagnosed every year with the preventable disease. But this post isn’t all doom and gloom. It seems that there’s hope on the horizon, and it could be as simple as just having your kids spend more time in their best comfortable bed. The idea that kids need a lot of sleep isn’t new. It’s important to make sure that kids get a solid nine or ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.  A steady sleep cycle is a crucial component of your child’s health and wellness. We make the best comfortable bed on the market, with four different kinds of memory foam.

Linking Sleep Duration and Diabetes

A new study at St. George’s College in London attempted to take specific aim at how sleep time affects diabetes in children. The study, which featured 5,000 kids of all different backgrounds and ethnicities used a plasma glucose test, as well as other tests including measuring height, weight, and body mass index, to find if their was any correlation between sleep and diabetes. Was their causation, or was this the product of a scientist too obsessed with their best comfortable bed? It turns out that kids who spent more time in the best comfortable bed decreased their risk of developing type-2 diabetes. One of the biggest factors was that children who slept less, also typically weighed more. It’s good news though, small changes can make a huge difference. The authors noted that increasing the mean sleep length during the weekday for a child by as little as 30 minutes could lead to a decrease in their body mass index. of 

Make Bedtime Fun time!

So it seems that the trick to keeping kids healthy is to give them as much rest in a best comfortable bed as possible. We, of course, recommend Nectar mattresses as the foundation for any great sleeping space. Here are some other tips that should help you reach the recommended 10 hours of sleep time for your little one.

  • Make sure to keep lit screens (tablets, iphones, and tvs) away from your child’s bedroom.
  • Reading outloud is a great way to transition to a restful space and bed time.
  • Singing songs allows a child to vocalize in an appropriate way if they’re still feeling restless.

So there you have it, the research shows that well-rested kids are happier and healthier. Try a Nectar and let them feel the difference. We truly make the best comfortable bed around, and with a forever warranty, there’s no reason not to try one.