Is There a Credit Check for a Nectar Mattress?

There is not a credit check for a Nectar mattress. You need to provide only two pieces of information: a source of income, and a debit or credit card. We’re here to walk you through how to go about the relatively painless process of applying for a Nectar mattress.

It’s Nectar’s goal to make sure that you’re sleeping well, every night, and that means figuring out a way to make financials work for everyone. Whether it’s our great deal on a mattress upfront, or our payment plan option, you’re going to be chilling on a Nectar with minimal stress.

There is No Credit Check for Nectar’s Six Month Payment Plan


When you apply for the Nectar mattress six-month payment plan, we only need two pieces of information from you.

  1. You need to prove a source of income. This doesn’t necessarily mean a job, so we encourage you to apply and see if you qualify. It’s all about giving our sleepers options.
  2. You’ll need either a debit or credit card to make the initial and monthly payments. These are low payments, but we need to be able to pay from a card each month for six months, then your bed is totally yours.

That’s it! Provide those two pieces of information and you’ll be sleeping on a Nectar mattress before you know it. These are also covered by our 365 trial period, so if you aren’t totally smitten with your Nectar during the first year, you can return it. That’s because we use three different types of memory foam, a tencel cooling cover, and cutting-edge base to ensure that our sleepers are supported and comforted every single night.

Get a Nectar Mattress For $125 Off and Two Free Pillows

While the payment plan represents a great option, we have another way to save you money. If you buy a Nectar mattress today, you can get $125 off, AND two free memory foam pillows. That still includes the 365 day trial period, and the Forever Warranty, which means that you can still try before you buy. This isn’t a deal that’s going to last forever (like our warranty), so if you’re on the fence, make sure that you get it before time runs out.

Nectar is unique in that we offer superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials (like tencel in our cooling cover, which is a sustainable and super comfortable material usually reserved for textiles) for a price at a fraction of lesser mattresses. We can offer this because we cut out the middleman, mattress stores. You’re getting your Nectar directly from the source, which is how we can guarantee quality at a price point that works for you — without the credit check. It’s never been easier, or cheaper to get a great night’s sleep.

So try our payment plan today! It’s just two easy steps for you to grab a Nectar Mattress and get the sleep you deserve. It’s time to sleep better.

You Won't Lose Sleep Because Of Your Nectar Mattress

Your comfort & good health is most important. That's why when ordering your Nectar Mattress, you'll get the most comfortable mattress on the market along with unmatched support.

With Nectar, you'll sleep like a baby and feel at least 10 years younger in the morning.

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