Ice Cream

7 Unexpected Ways To Bring Ice Cream & Sleep Together

By Jen Dennis

Of all the sleep myths we’ve had to bust, this one hurts the most: Ice cream is not a good-for-sleep superfood. The minimal amounts of sleep-promoting tryptophan it contains aren’t enough to offset its bad-for-sleep sugar and saturated fat content.

That doesn’t mean we’re giving up, especially during July, which is National Ice Cream Month. Here are seven ways to bring together our favorite summer treat with our favorite summer pastime: Sleeping.

1. Ice Cream ASMR Videos

There’s an ever-growing YouTube library of people slowly and VERY audibly eating entire ice cream sundaes in the name of ASMR, the cult-like phenomenon that’s taken over social media. The goal of these videos is to give you that happy, tingling, sleepy-eyed sensation before bed. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep with major ice cream cravings (and dream of chocolate and cookies and whipped cream).

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2. Ice-Cream Themed Hotel Room

Ever wanted to sleep inside a bowl of ice cream (we have!)? Head to Helsinki, Finland, and stay in the Valio Jäätelöfabriikki Sweet Suite at the Klaus K Hotel. This ice-cream themed hotel suite opened in 2019—it’s decorated in ice cream-inspired pastel colors and also comes with a fully-stocked ice cream freezer. Sweet fact: People in Finland consume the most ice cream per capita of any country in Europe!

3. Museum of Ice Cream

The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco is the place to live out your sweet dreams of ice cream in Instagram-ready style. Get the exercise that inspires sleep by diving into the museum’s famous exhibits, the Sprinkle Pool and the Neapolitan Swing. Don’t forget to stop by their Cafe 1905c for a scoop of Vallionaire or Churro Churro. PSA: If you can’t make it to the museum, you can buy the ice cream online.

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4. Kids Sleep-Eating Ice Cream

We can totally relate to these kids desperately fighting to stay awake while eating ice cream. It’s like being torn between what you need and what you want. The struggle continues, but which side should we root for: Ice cream or sleep? Hmmm.

5. Ice Cream Bath

You can’t eat ice cream for better sleep, but you can still use it to enhance your soothing nighttime bath. Try an ice cream bath bomb or body wash, and bathe in the flavor of vanilla cake batter (#12 on your bucket list). Ice cream-scented candle? We’ll take that, too!

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6. Ice Cream Bedroom Decor

Inspire sweet dreams with a little ice cream design inspo. We’re all for a frozen-treat-themed duvet cover, an ice-cream lamp, and bedroom wall art that shows off your excellent taste in food.

7. Ice Cream Breakfast Science

Yoshihiko Koga, a Japanese scientist from Kyorin University in Tokyo, released a study in 2016 indicating that eating ice cream first thing in the morning can jolt the brain into a state of alertness, possibly due to its sugar content. That’s not to say eating dessert for breakfast is the best idea—there are healthier options. But after a good night’s sleep on a Nectar, topping your whole grain waffle with a scoop of ice cream can make for a happy morning after.

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