How To Get Rid Of A Mattress

How To Get Rid Of A Mattress

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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress – Electronics and mattresses are two of the most difficult products to dispose of which is why so many of them get dumped on curbsides and alleyways. What’s more, landfills tend to charge extra to dispose of mattresses because they tend to be bulky and hard to compact. Mattress recycling is not that easy to do since it is made from steel, wood, polyurethane foam, and cotton. Out of all these materials, the foam is the only one recyclable.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Mattress

Tips on How To Get Rid of a Mattress

Mattress disposal isn’t easy to do, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get rid of it properly. Here are a few tips that can help you remove your mattress from your home.

Sell or Give It Away

Slightly used mattresses can either be given away for free, or you can sell it by putting it up in your garage sale or by listing it online. Just make sure that you aren’t selling a mattress that has bed bugs or dust mites in it or has obvious signs of wear and tear.

Return to the Manufacturer

There are some mattress manufacturing companies that are willing to take your old one after you purchase a brand-new mattress from them. With about 50,000 mattresses being thrown away on a daily basis, these companies are willing to take on mattress recycling themselves.

Offer mattress to an animal rescue

Recycling your old mattress is possible by offering it to animal rescue shelters; they can then be converted into a bed for their rescued animals. Check out your local shelter to see if they accept old mattresses. Even if your bed is slightly used, there are animal shelters that will gladly accept them at a minimal cost of transporting your mattress to their shelter.

Check out mattress recycling services

Another tip on how to get rid of old mattresses is to check out whether there is a mattress recycling service in your area. This depends on which state you are living in because a recycling center may not be available everywhere. You can either bring your old mattress to the recycling center or have yours picked up for a small fee.


Junk removal

Mattress disposal can be tough especially when there are no recycling centers nearby. If this is the case, you might want to consider hiring a junk removal service instead. Since there is a growing concern about landfills and a demand for more eco-friendly methods of disposing products and household items, junk removal services will try to recycle your mattress first or find a place to donate them before putting them in dumps. Before you do, double check the warranty on your mattress if it comes with a buy-back offer or even a disposal service. You will also have to figure out the weight of your old mattress as you may get charged by weight.

Reuse your old mattress

Are you wondering how to get rid of old mattresses? If you have a really old mattress that needs to be disposed of but can’t be picked up a dumpster, or a recycling service, why not reuse it instead? What can you get from your old mattress? Well, steel is a primary component especially when you have an innerspring mattress. You can get 25 pounds at least of steel which you can melt to create different products and parts. Breaking your mattress open can make it easier for you to get the steel parts and springs, then sell them for scrap. You can also get natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool from the mattress which you can use as padding or insulation. If your mattress has wooden parts, you can make them into firewood, or have it shredded for lawn or gardening mulch. For those whose bed has a memory foam mattress, you can get the memory foam, or even the latex foam to create cushions or seats.


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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bug Infestation

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation

Aside from learning how to get rid of a mattress, you will also need to learn how to get rid of bed bugs from your old mattress prior to disposal. Bed bug problems can happen no matter how clean you keep your home. These tiny little pests can make their way to your home via your luggage, your clothes, or even the second-hand furniture that you just bought from the flea market.

What can you do to help remove bed bugs? If your bed is infested with bed bugs and eggs, you’ll probably have a hard time sleeping on your bed, because sooner or later, you will be bitten. Not only that, but you’ll end up with little blood stains on your bedding every time you wake up. If you have decided to take matters into your own hands, and are thinking of disposing of your old mattress, you might want to take these steps first to help prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Encase your mattress

Bed bugs often consider your bed as one of their favorite hiding places aside from the other furniture in your bedroom. For one thing, the mattress is always close to you when you sleep which means that they will have easy access to your blood. It is best to clean your mattress first, by vacuuming the entire mattress to help pick up the tiny creatures and the eggs that they have left behind. Afterward, use an encasement, which is a type of plastic that can cover the entire mattress. This way, the bed bugs that get left behind or the newer ones will not be able to reach you or make your mattress their home.

Keep your bed separate

While waiting for the perfect time to dispose of your mattress, the key here is to keep the bed bugs at bay as best as you can. You can use climb up interceptors to prevent the insects from climbing up your bed frame. The interceptors are lined with talcum which makes it difficult for these creatures to get in bed with you to feed.


If you think that bed bugs are just found in your mattress, think again. They can actually thrive in many cracks and crevices in your home, at the back of your picture frames, clothes, shoes, basically wherever that they can lay their eggs on. With that being said since you are already protecting your old mattress for disposal later on, why not steam and clean your space? Not only will this help kill off the dust mites, bed bugs, and other creatures, you will also be able to get rid of the bad energy too.

Use powders or sprays

Try residual as well as contact sprays on the cracks and crevices to help eliminate the pests that are currently living there. Even your furniture should be given a good spray to ensure that there are no insects living in them that can bother you when you sleep. If you are wondering why bed bugs tend to go wherever you do, it’s because of the carbon dioxide that you are emitting. Don’t use pesticides or insecticides unless recommended by a professional pest control service.

If you are still batting these insects, hire professional exterminators to get the job done fast. A professional pest bed bug control service will know what solution to use for your problem and may even give you tips on protecting your mattress prior to disposal.


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Why It’s Hard To Dispose Of Mattresses

Why It’s Hard to Dispose of Mattresses?

Now that you know how to get rid of old mattresses and bed bugs on your mattress, you’re probably wondering why some people or places don’t accept used, old mattresses when being sold or donated. Here are a few things that others are considering when it comes to an old and used mattress.

Spread of bed bugs

Most people are concerned with bed bugs because they spread like wildfire once they find a place to stay in your home. Even when you have taken the necessary steps mentioned above, there is still the fear of dealing with bed bugs at night and the risk that they may spread at home.


Stains can appear on your mattress which can also be a factor as to why there are many who refuse to accept second-hand mattresses. If you want to get a better chance to sell or donate your old mattress, you will need to learn how to remove the stains. Baking soda never fails to help get rid of the stains and the smells that may have accumulated on your mattress. You can also wash it with mild liquid detergent, concentrating on areas that have deeper-set stains, before scrubbing gently.

Wear and tear

Another reason why many are not keen on getting an old mattress is because of potential wear and tear inflicted on it. To increase your chances of selling your old bed, make sure that you are keeping it in good condition while it is still your property. This way, you will have a better chance of repurposing your mattress once it has reached its lifespan.

Getting rid of your mattress may seem like a tiresome task. However, we have compiled together easy tips on how to get rid of your mattress. Tip one is to sell it or give it away. With many buy and sell sites, you can list your mattress for free or for a nominal cost. Tip two is to return it to the manufacturer.


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