How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – So it’s confirmed. You have a bed bug infestation in your home. The question now is how do you get rid of them and how much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs? It’s important to first note that pest infestations are quite common in homes and public spaces. Consider yourself lucky if you only have bed bugs to deal with.

Some pests pose greater risks to your family’s health and safety, as well as on your pets, house, and furniture. Bed bugs are not even included in the top ten most dangerous pests. For instance, spiders. Spider infestations are dangerous because some spider species – particularly those endemic to South America and Australia – are poisonous. A single bite can prove fatal for human beings.  Fleas, like bed bugs, feed on human or animal blood. The main difference is fleas carry diseases while bed bugs do not. Bed bugs are mostly found in furniture and mattress encasements, while fleas burrow themselves into the surface of the skin. Bed bugs are annoying, but that’s pretty much it. Left untreated your pet can actually be eaten to death by fleas.

Another bloodsucker that is considered the most dangerous and deadliest of all is the tiny mosquito. Diseases from mosquito bites cause millions of deaths every year. If we’re talking about your home, on the other hand, a termite infestation can be devastating. Like most insects, termites are prolific breeders and they eat non-stop! A termite infestation is dangerous because it will seriously compromise the structural integrity of the wood. They can cause a massive amount of damage to structures and, since they eat from the inside out, you won’t even know you have them until the damage has been done.  Are you thankful for your bed bugs yet? Maybe thankful is a strong word.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

We expect the outside world to be dirty and full of dangers — big and small, but it’s an entirely different thing to have them invade your house. Bed bugs are actually quite common in homes and in public spaces like movie theaters, hotels, and anywhere else that might have a lot of foot traffic. You might already have them in your home and not realize it. Their bites tend to leave itchy red marks — but not always. This makes them hard to detect. You usually need a professional exterminator to make the proper diagnosis. General cleanliness will not necessarily prevent a bed bug infestation. No matter how fastidious a home-maker you are, you can’t prevent them getting in your home.

Adult bed bugs get transported into new places by stowing away in coats, clothes, bags, luggage, mattresses, box spring furniture, new or second hand furniture. Once they’ve settled into their new home, they will breed rapidly. A single female bed bug can lay anywhere from 200 to 250 eggs in her short lifetime. Their favorite hiding places are mattresses, cushions, beddings, rugs, or pillows—basically anything that will allow them easy access to their food, (i.e. the human being living in the home).


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How To Exterminate Bed Bugs

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Once your home has been accurately diagnosed for a bed bug infestation, don’t sit on it and allow them more time to spread and multiply. Contact a professional exterminator or a pest control company immediately. Your bed bug problem can’t wait.

If you live in an apartment with a dedicated landlord responsible for handling big-ticket issues like repairs and extermination, then this shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is report your bed bug infestation. If you feel like you might have issues with chemicals and bed bug treatment your pest management professional might use and how it can affect you, it’s best to talk it out with them. If you’re a homeowner and you don’t have a regular pest control professional to help you out, a quick google search will give you more than enough options. As bed bugs are very common, so are pest management professionals and businesses.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

As for the actual amount of money you will need to shell out for residential bed bug extermination, there’s no easy answer. The cost will depend on the size of the infested area, the severity of the infestation, and how many times the fumigation or pest control treatment is needed. The furnishings in your home or room will matter, too. For instance, if a room is fully carpeted that will add to the cost.  Be prepared for two or three visits because they probably won’t get it all in one go. A professional exterminator should be able to give you a fairly accurate quote or cost estimate once a thorough examination of the property is conducted. Usually, they charge a flat rate per square inch of the area for fumigation or treatment.

For the extermination process, you will usually have several options to choose from, each has its pros and cons. For heat treatments, this involves special equipment that the professionals will install in your infested room. It will then raise the temperature in the room enough to kill not just the adult bed bugs, but also the bed bug eggs. Thermometers are placed around the room to ensure they hit just the right temperature for extermination. The pros for this procedure: it uses heat and only heat. It won’t leave any residual chemicals on your furniture. The cons, this procedure takes a long time! Heat treatment takes six to eight hours on average and can even take longer depending on the state of the infestation. Be prepared to be put out for the entire day. Also, since this procedure uses heat, you will have to move anything that can be damaged by temperature. This could include makeup, perfumes, bath and body stuff, books, paintings, electronic equipment or anything else you can think of that melt or won’t do well in extreme heat. As mentioned, since heat treatment doesn’t leave behind any chemicals, your home can easily get infested again.

Insecticides, pesticides, or chemical treatments are very effective in extermination. This involves more than a simple fumigation. There are many kinds of chemicals available; for example, diatomaceous earth and vikane gas. Both are very potent bed bug-killing pesticides and among the most commonly used by professional pest control companies.

Exterminators use three kinds of insecticides for this procedure, a fast-acting insecticide, a residual insecticide, and a dust insecticide.

A fast-acting insecticide is for the surface area of the room. This includes furniture, cushions, mattresses — those that people come into contact with the most. The residual insecticide is for the underside and the inside of these furnitures. Finally, the dust insecticides are for cracks and crevices that people don’t usually come in contact with but might be a hiding place for the bed bugs. This includes gaps in the floorboard, vents, and electrical outlets. Consult with your pest control professional about which items need to be moved out of the room for the fumigation and which ones can stay. For fabrics and clothes in the closet or drawers, you can wash and dry them in high heat and seal them with plastic bags during the pesticide treatment to keep both the chemicals and the bed bugs from getting on them.

Once the entire process is done, the house or the room will need to be aired out or properly ventilated to make sure that the chemicals have dispersed and that the air is safe and has returned to normal once again. The pros of this procedure are that it’s highly effective and quick. It usually just takes 30 minutes to two hours per room on average. This treatment will also leave behind residual chemicals that can help prevent re-infestation. The downside, the exterminators may need to come back two to three more times to make sure they kill all the bed bugs. Another downside is the chemicals they use. What makes it so effective is also what can make it somewhat unpleasant. These chemicals usually require a licensed professional and are not recommended for a lay-person to handle. That’s something that might make some people uncomfortable.

Most pest control companies offer both options as part of an integrated pest management control. A combination of heat treatments and chemical treatments or pesticides are used for more potent and more lasting effects. It’s important to remember that pest-control can’t be done piecemeal because the bed bugs that don’t die might just move to the next room. It’s best to get it all over with all at the same time.

Pest control, especially for stubborn and easily transmittable bed bugs, is challenging and time-consuming. There are some DIY options you can try if you don’t want to go the professional route, but it’s unlikely to be as effective or you might end up needing to redo it multiple times just to see an improvement. Bed bug eggs are especially resistant to many forms of DIY treatments. Compared to the time and effort you will expend, professional bed bug exterminator cost is a bargain.


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