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How Firm Is a Nectar Mattress?

A Nectar mattress is medium-firm. It’s the most popular mattress type due to its combination of comfort and support.  There’s a reason that this question comes up a lot with perspective sleepers, and with good reason, everyone likes their beds a little different? Right? Well, yes and no.

While there is some science as to what mattress works best – especially when dealing with back pain – a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Luckily for Nectar (and for you), Nectar hits that sweet spot in between firm and soft, and most importantly stays that way for the duration of your time with it.

Nectar Mattresses are Medium Firm 


A Nectar mattress has been specifically designed to be medium-firm. On a scale of one to ten, it rates between a 5.5-7.5 for a firmness rating (medium firm). For many years the popular wisdom that the firmer the mattress, the better it was for your back health, but recently science has walked back that claim a little. New evidence shows that a medium-firm mattress may be the best for supporting your back. This is because it retains the support of a firm mattress, but its slight give can promote circulation, which may help your wellbeing.

Nectar mattresses use that template as a guide. They used three different types of memory foam: gel, quilted, and adaptive to create a base that’s strong, supple, and – like a Rick Astley song – never gonna tear you down or desert you. Nectar wanted to create a mattress that THEY wanted to sleep on, one that could be ergonomically sound while still retaining that comfort you get from the best mattress, and they wanted it to last forever.

A Medium Firm Mattress is Only as Good As Its Last Sleep

Mattress Firmness

One of Nectar’s best features is its Forever Warranty — enough that they get asked about it all the time. You can read the longer details here, but basically, you’re going to be covered for the lifetime of that mattress. That was important to Nectar because a mattress should be as comfortable on the ten thousandth time you sleep on it as it is on the very first night.

That’s what sets memory foam apart from other mattresses. While a traditional box spring says that it has a lifespan of ten years or more, typically those springs start to lose their, uh, springiness after around five or six years. That means that the bed you were sleeping on when you bought it isn’t the same as the bed you’re sleeping in now. Oftentimes we don’t even really realize that we’re sleeping in a rough bed until you’re already dealing with discomfort and back pain. It’s time to stop that cycle.

Memory foam doesn’t rely on springs, so it’s better able to hold its medium-firm form. Memory foam is a notoriously durable substance, which is why we are allowed to give our Forever Warranty with confidence. If for some reason your mattress isn’t up to snuff because of a material defect or a problem with construction, we’ll either replace your mattress or fix the ones you’ve got. That means you can sleep peacefully, not only because you’ve got a great medium-firm mattress to lie on, but because you’ve got the confidence and peace of mind to know that a Nectar is built to last.

So now it’s time to celebrate the comfiest and supportive mattress on the market. Try a Nectar today and you can get it for $125 dollars off, plus two free pillows. Don’t wait!


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