Tips for Better Sleep: Foam Mattresses

Get the Most Out of Your Comfy Bed With These Helpful Sleeping Tips

Posted By Erin on Jul 17, 2016

Everyone sleeps, but not all sleep equally. Sometimes a good night’s sleep can seem out of our control, but thankfully this isn’t the case. At Nectar Mattresses, we start from the ground up with foam for mattresses. Don’t believe it? Check out the science behind the foam for mattresses that Nectar uses with one of our engineers here. We know sleep starts with a good mattress. What else can you do to maximize your time and get the most restful sleep? Here sleep experts have collected tips to help you sleep. 

Put Away Your Smart Phone

It has been proven that a smart phone’s blue light can seriously mess up your melatonin levels, causing sleep problems and even some long term health effects. It can be really tempting to answer that text or check that Insta post, but try to resist the temptation. Just lay back and relax and enjoy the foam for mattresses approach by Nectar. Trust us, social media will still be there in the morning.

Plan Your Comfy Bed Time

This is some good parenting advice that can continue on into adulthood.When you make a routine and set it, your body learns to respect it. You learn, on a physical level, that it is bed time. Starting this routine can be rough at first. But it’s important to stick to it as much as possible. The results will speak for themselves.

Don’t Eat or Drink Before Bed

Eating before bed can lead to an increase in heartburn, acid reflux, and illness, but drinking before bed has also been shown to decrease the effectiveness of a night of sleep. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol before bed can actually increase sleep disruptions at night, leading to lighter sleep and a less restful sleep cycle. Popular wisdom sometimes says to have that nightcap, but it turns out that science says that the best solution is also easier: foam for mattresses and a quiet mind.

Lay off the Snooze Button

While the science is far from finished on this discussion, it has been argued that the time spent hitting the snooze button could be better spent by… sleeping more. Scientists think that if you have the time to hit the snooze and stay in bed, it may be better to just sleep for the whole hour and not break it up with a pesky alarm. It may be common sense, but the longer amount of unbroken sleep you get, the more restful you’ll be. Part of the reason Nectar spends so much time and effort into creating the perfect foam for mattresses is so that you can sleep better, not just log more hours.  Of course at Nectar we also believe in the power of foam for mattresses, but don’t take our word for it. Try it and see the results for yourself!

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