Best Mattresses and Tips for a Light Sleeper

The Best Mattresses and Tips for Light Sleepers

Posted By Erin on Dec 12, 2016

Bed technology has come a long way since the age of the hay bale. Nowadays the consumer is totally inundated with new technologies. Remember water beds? Now foam for bed mattresses is the new norm, a way to get the support you need without sacrificing comfort.  Nectar mattresses are on the cutting edge of this technology. Their foam for bed mattresses use five layer technology to keep you in a restful slumber all night long. Sometimes though, this isn’t enough. Here are some more tips if you’re looking for ways to nod off a little easier.

Sleep in the Dark

This may seem like common sense, but often with so many screens and phones catching our attention, we may not always turn off the lights before falling asleep. Additionally, many of these electronic devices have chargers that glow and blink. If you’re having trouble nodding off – even with Nectar’s foam for bed mattresses caressing you to sleep – then maybe it is time to unplug and rest.

Avoid Sugary Snacks

This is advice that mom probably gave you that still holds true today. Eating before bed can often cause health problems that interfere with a restful night’s sleep. Carbs can not only keep you up late, they may often wake you up in the middle of the night with digestion problems. Even though that ice cream is calling your name, try to avoid it. It could make all the difference in the morning.

Use Heavy Blankets

Anxiety and restless leg syndrome plague many insomniacs. So what can you do when you feel uneasy and it’s the middle of the night? Try a weighted blanket. Using weighted blankets has actually been shown to reduce anxiety, allowing the sleeper to doze off easier. This might sound a little kooky, but there is real science behind it. A bonus: weighted blankets are easy to find with online shopping,

Try an App

Recently we posted a list of helpful sleep apps on our Nectar blog. Yes even apart from foam for bed mattresses, sleep technology is an emerging industry and there are many apps to help you find restful sleep on the market. From sleep analysis to simple ways of getting you to doze off, you have your pick of any number of useful apps. If you’re at the end of your rope, it may be an easy way to figure out what is going on at night to keep you from your golden slumber.

Get Rid of the Phone

If the apps aren’t helping, maybe the distraction is the problem! Try ditching your phone and putting it across the room. Not only will you not be tempted while in bed, you’ll have to leave the comfort of your Nectar foam for bed mattresses when your alarm goes off. A surefire way to keep the sanctity of your sleep space. See you in dream land!

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