Healthy Sleep Habits for Teens

Healthy Sleep Habits for Teens

Posted By Erin on Dec 6, 2016

It’s a given that teenagers can be moody, sullen, and downright surly in the morning, but a new report has come out giving credence to the idea that a well rested teen is a healthy teen. We’ve known for years that adolescence is a crucial time in development, but now more than ever sleep science is confirming it. Foam for mattresses might not be the first thing on your teen’s mind, but it should be the first on yours when thinking about their health and development. The report, which followed a school group of Minnesota teens showed that lack of sleep (an average of six or less hours a night) was associated with an increase in both cigarette smoking and marijuana use only two years later. This clearly shows that less sleep is tied to risky behavior. Foam for mattresses isn’t a cure all, but in a Nectar it could help your teen continue their development in a healthy safe environment and stay away from risky behavior.

D2 Receptors Work Better in a Well Rested Teen

Scientists believed this correlation in behavior and sleep is because of the development of dopamine D2.  A D2 receptor is basically the brain’s reward center. It gives you a good feeling from doing things like exercise, sleeping, or even eating a good meal. When a teen doesn’t get at least eight to ten hours of rest, those receptors dull. A dull D2 receptor needs to be stimulated in different ways. This often leads to risky behavior like drinking or drug use. The worst part is that this feeds into a vicious cycle of abuse. Less sleep leads to more drug abuse. This leads to worse sleep.  It’s sad to think that a lot of this could be prevented with just a little more time spent in bed. It makes that foam for mattresses idea seem all that much more important!

Foam for Mattresses and Bed Time is Key

Obviously many teens and adolescents love staying out late. They love texting in bed. They also like being up watching movies. But it’s key to have consistency when it comes to bedtime. Don’t be afraid to set some boundaries. This also means that it’s OK to let your teen sleep in on the weekend. If they’ve had an especially rough week at school extra sleep is good. It may seem indulgent to sleep until noon. But those extra hours are vital when the body is growing and trying to mend itself. The secret is out, teens need more sleep! Even school districts are becoming hip to the sleep game. They are offering later start times for classes.So don’t worry so much. Your teen’s sleep is time well spent. Their future could be formed while counting sheep.

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