How to Know You’re Getting Enough Sleep

How to Know You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Posted By Erin on Sep 20, 2016

During the course of a busy week we often can feel like we aren’t getting enough sleep. Those times where we fall into sleep debt are proven to be bad for both long and short term health. While you could have the best mattress in the world (we’re thinking Nectar), if you aren’t actually putting in the reps in bed, it won’t matter much. So how do we figure out how much sleep we actually need? It turns out that there is a wide array of sleep types, from short sleepers who only need a couple hours a night, to “long sleepers” who can need up to eleven hours to feel rested.

Trust the Numbers

While there are people who fall on both ends of the sleep spectrum, most fall between the seven to nine hour range. When I say most, that means like ninety percent of the population, so I’m probably talking to you. This means that you need to spend about a third of your life in bed, why not make it on the best mattress possible?

It’s in the Genes

There are several factors that scientists look at including exposure to artificial light, and hormonal balances, often our sleep need is determined by birth. It could be that our parents give us our height, our hair, and the number of hours that we need to spend on the best mattress. Dr. David Welsch, a sleep expert from UC-San Diego expects most chronotypes to fall in that average spectrum, and that has very to do with whether you are an early riser or a night owl. “Most people have fairly “average” chronotypes,” he said to Business Insider. “Some prefer to get up a bit earlier or later, and small groups naturally rise extremely early or late.”

It Will Change as You Age

Kids will need much more sleep as the grow and change, adults will usually age into the seven to nine hour range, with seniors needing even less. This is because we stop growing and needing the insane amount of hours to recharge. It’s still important to have the best mattress you can, don’t take our word for it? Try a Nectar mattress and feel the difference.

It’s On You to Experiment

As usual, the best sleep evidence is found by listening to your own body. Experts recommend experimenting with sleep schedules, exercise, and diet to find what is optimal for you. Sleep is as individualistic as your thumbprints, so it’s important that you feel well rested and then keep that schedule. As always, getting a schedule and keeping it can go a long way in helping you feel your best.   Nectar is happy to help you find the best mattress whatever your sleep type. We are passionate about sleep, and after trying one of our mattresses, we are sure you will be too. See you in dreamland!

What Kind of Sleeper Are You

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