Start Your Week off Right By Getting Better Sleep

Posted By Erin on Jan 3, 2017

Sundays are the table setter for the rest of the week. We plan meals, figure out work stuff, and (hopefully) get some quality time on the best mattress so that we can start our work week off on the right foot. Unfortunately for most Americans, this isn’t happening. We are officially living in a time of sleep crisis, with over 50 million adults reporting some kind of sleep disorder. That’s something Nectar is trying to actively combat by making the best mattress we can at a price that is affordable to any consumer. A recent study showed that Sunday is our worst day for sleeping, while Thursdays clocked in at the best. Researchers believe that this is because we often mess with our sleep schedules on the weekend — staying up too late and getting up late. Even when you have the most comfortable mattress it won’t do the job unless you’re putting your time in and, you know, actually sleeping on it. So what can we do to combat the Sunday scaries? We’ve compiled a list of activities and items that will hopefully let you leave your weekend the way you entered it: with energy and excitement. Let’s make Monday mornings cool again!

Plan Ahead For a Good Night’s Rest

Like we said, having the best mattress only works if you use it. Try setting a bedtime for yourself before the weekend starts and then hit it on the dot. It’s OK if you vary by an hour or two, but much more than that and you could find yourself tossing and turning. Studies show that the more active role you take in creating your sleep schedule, the better your body will respond when you ask it to fall asleep. Our bodies don’t like to be surprised, unless it’s a good surprise, like buying the best mattress from Nectar. That Quilted Gel Memory Foam is enough to give anyone happy thoughts.

Exercise and Eat Well

Sunday can be a day to indulge — and that’s totally OK! But if you feel like that indulging is causing you indigestion and getting in the way of great sleep on the best mattress, maybe it’s time to mix things up a little bit. Try lighter fare for your last meal of the weekend. Summer salads rich in antioxidants and fresh fruits can be just the thing your body needs to get it in a slumber state of mind. Also, a long Sunday bike ride or pickup basketball session can tire you out just enough that a long sleep on the best mattress will feel like the only good way to end your weekend.

Lose the Stress and Sleep Better

Meditation can be a great centering tool and can work wonders before bed. Often times meditation will allow us to acknowledge stressors and refocus us on what is important — those moments are great right before you crawl onto the best mattress for a night’s sleep. Let the weekend worries go, and get the best sleep you can. Here at Nectar, we are declaring Sunday nights, sleepy Sundays. Now get out there and find your best rest.

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