Get Toned Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Nectar Mattress

Posted By Erin on Nov 1, 2016

We all want to look our best, and with summer here it’s now on all of our minds to find our best swimsuit body. No matter what your size or shape, it’s great to have confidence in knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect your health and maximize your body’s potential. This means hitting the gym and ditching your dirty cheap mattress. While exercise is always important, we’ve recently come across Salt Lake City fitness trainer, Lisa Macdonald’s regime for getting a toned bod, and her recommendations surprised even sleep connoisseurs like us. And remember, like a good gym, just because Nectar produces a cheap mattress, doesn’t mean that we are sacrificing quality. It’s about the reps you put in, and on that front, Nectar is killing it 24/7. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the reviews on Nectar’s site. As with a great workout, or a cheap mattress, the results speak for themselves.

Sleep Science in the Gym

Macdonald makes her clients write a sleep diary before beginning their training regimens. It’s a no-brainer for her. A good night’s sleep not only triggers the production of testosterone, a natural muscle builder, it also reduces the presence of cortisol in the body. As covered in previous blogs, cortisol is an enemy of sleep and actually breaks down muscle tissue over time. Macdonald believes that avoiding late nights can actually help build muscle better. It turns out that the first three hours of sleep are when the body produces the majority of testosterone for the night, making those times critical in developing muscle. If you miss that time, you may risk not getting the same results, even if you sleep for the recommended eight hours.

Give Yourself Time to Cool Down

Starting a workout post-seven PM may seem like a good idea to wear yourself out, but Macdonald discourages her clients from making it a regular thing. While the workout can be good, it can actually take a few hours to reset your body back to its restful state. “You can’t immediately go from 100 to zero,” says MacDonald. “If you don’t establish a routine to relax each night, your sleep will suffer.” This means planning ahead, don’t take the nine pm zumba class, try the six thirty one instead, or even better an early morning class! That will give you plenty of time before work to shop for a cheap mattress. We can take over from there, Nectar is cheap without sacrificing any quality.

Find What Works For You… Then Stick to it

As always, your body and workout and even sleep schedule are as individual as your thumbprint. The most important thing is consistency. Find what makes you rest best and stick to it! Setting up a routine lets your body know what’s in store and minimizes the stress of staying up too late. Speaking of staying up late, don’t lose any more sleep over finding that great cheap mattress. Nectar has you covered. See you at the beach!

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