Get a Little Siesta in Time for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating the Mexican army’s victory over the French on (obviously) May 5th, 1862. Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated in Mexico and the US continuously since the 1860s, making it one of the longest running holidays in the country. That’s saying something!

Traditionally, it’s been a time to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture, and like any good holiday, it obviously includes plenty of time for partying, eating, and enjoying the company of friends and family. To do all that though, you’re going to need plenty of energy. Luckily, the idea of the siesta (which actually has its origins in Spain and the Mediterranean) has been adopted by cultures everywhere. Let’s explore how the concept of the siesta (essentially a power nap) can help us have the best Cinco de Mayo ever. It’s time to party!

Siestas Give You Energy 

A siesta is a mid-afternoon nap. Typically taken after lunch, a siesta should last between fifteen minutes and a half hour. The Spanish people who came up with this idea were way ahead of their time, because there is all kinds of evidence to suggest that a mid afternoon nap is a great way to get an infusion of mental and physical energy to finish out your day. A nap can could lead to better decision making, which is definitely going to help when you’re figuring out which taco place to hit up for Cinco De Mayo after a long week of work!

Not only that, there’s some evidence to suggest that a nap could be good for your well being. One recent study showed a 37% reduction in coronary fatalities for people who took siestas. So what’s the best way to nap? Don’t worry, we’ve got the hookup for you.


How to Siesta Before You Fiesta

For the best results, take your nap around 2:30, when your energy is at its low point. This matches up with the historical siesta, which was taken in the afternoon so that farmers could avoid the scorching hot sun. While traditional siestas lasted sometimes up to three hours, it’s important to only take about a half hour for your nap. Longer than that, and it may throw off your sleep cycle, keeping you up late into the night when you’d rather be asleep.

For a new twist on an old favorite, try adding coffee to the mix. That’s right, drinking a cup of coffee right before you take a nap can lead to an extra boost of energy. That’s because it takes about a half hour for the caffeine in coffee to take effect, so you’re essentially syncing up your sleep with a natural caffeine boost. Once you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to fiesta long into the night. Holidays are a great way to catch up on the sleep you might have missed during heavy work weeks. Curious on how much sleep you’re  actually missing? Here’s how much sleep you actually need every night.

As with any holiday, it’s important to respect and appreciate the culture from which it came, so we hope that you’ll enjoy your holiday in the way you best see fit! And we hope you’ll enjoy your future siestas on a Nectar mattress, which changes the nap game by offering a super comfy mattress for a great sleep no matter the time of day. Sounds like even more reason to celebrate!

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