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Free Documentaries to Try while Chilling on your Memory Mattresses

It’s no secret that “Netflix and chill” has taken on a different meaning in our current culture. How about when you’re having a night in on your cozy memory mattresses, courtesy of Nectar, and you just want to get in some quality binge watching? We covered in a previous post some of the fun things to stream on pay-services, but how about one of the greatest forgotten repositories for sleep aid’s there is? That’s right, The public broadcasting system has been a source for great documentaries since long before the internet even existed, and they’ve really upped their game since having to compete with Netflix and Hulu, much in the same way that Nectar’s emphasis on quality and price is forcing traditional mattress companies to rethink how they sell memory foam mattresses. Here are some great options for free for when you’re just looking to watch something entertaining and informational before nodding off to sleep.

PBS Frontline

With an emphasis on the current and the topical, Frontline is a PBS institution that explores issues of social justice, politics, and business. While that may sound like kind of a snoozefest (and not in a good way), they present these topics in new and interesting lights that often have you thinking as you head off to bed on one of your Nectar memory mattresses. Recent topics have included the health of our oceans and how it affects humans, the fight to give troubled youths a second chance, and a whole series on the political race of 2016. It’s highly recommended for anyone who wants to dive in deeper than your average clickbait headline.


Nova focuses more on science, technology, and the future of humankind. This is my personal favorite, as it often leads me to discover new paths of interest that I never even knew existed. Nova has been on for almost thirty years, and in that time they’ve explored all manner of space, ocean depth, and everything in between. Recent episodes have explored the science of origami, the engineering that goes into a giant cruise ship, and schools of the future. If you have an inquisitive mind, and a some memory mattresses that need relaxing on, then this series is for you.

The Mind of a Chef

This series, narrated and produced by Anthony Bourdain, follows around Ludo Lefebvre, showing us the mastery it takes to become one of the world’s top chefs. It’s different than Bourdain’s other series, as it focuses on the craft and perfection it takes to rise through the ranks and achieve greatness. The only problem? It’s guaranteed to give you some tasty dreams while chilling on your memory mattresses. Some of my favorite episodes explore the food scene in LA, using fire for cooking, and the season of winter. Obtuse to be sure, this one is better experienced than explained. Try it out! So what are you watching this summer? Hopefully when you’re binging it’s on a Nectar mattress. Their adaptive foam core technology will allow for maximum chill with minimal effort. So go do it, be free, enjoy your Nectar! Let us know what you’re watching at the Nectar blog, we can’t wait to binge what you’re binging!