Food for Sleep: Four Things to Eat to Help You Doze

Posted By Erin on Oct 22, 2016

The foods you eat could be affecting your sleep schedule in ways you don’t even realize. Obviously everyone loves snacking and sleeping, but it seems like these two subjects could be linked closer than we ever previously thought. We here at Nectar dove deep into what foods you can pair with the most comfortable mattress to get you maxed out and sleeping as soon as possible. As you probably know, it’s never a good idea to eat right before bed, but here are some light foods that should help you conquer that insomnia one bite at a time.


Remember the Seinfeld where Jerry eats a bunch of turkey and then falls asleep because of all the tryptophan in it? Well it turns out that bananas are just as rich in this sleep-inducing substance. Bananas are also rich in magnesium, a calming vitamin that soothes muscles and nerves. At a fraction of the caloric intake of turkey, bananas are a great option for a midnight snack for the light sleeper. Give it a try, just try not to leave the peel on your Nectar most comfortable mattress.


A teaspoon of honey while getting ready for bed promotes wellness in a couple different ways. First, it also produces tryptophan, the sleep-bringer. It also inhibits orexin, an alert and stimulating hormone that is linked to stress — a definite enemy of the happy sleeper. Local honey has the added benefit of lessening your body’s reaction to allergens. Not to toot our own horn, but Nectar also reduces allergens by using a breathable base layer in our most comfortable mattress to draw out mildew and dust.


Almonds are full of sleep-enriching foods. First, they’re full of good fats and amino acids, raw materials that your body uses to rebuild itself while sleeping. Second, it has rich servings of magnesium, which we’ve already covered as a muscle and nerve relaxant. Third, they are easily snackable while chilling on your most comfortable mattress. To me this is most important. Snacking is a way of life.


Oats are great because they are a low fat, high density food — even a little bit goes a long way, and you’ll never wake up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. For bonus sleep multipliers, try pairing oats with warm milk, bananas, almonds, and a little honey for a potent bedtime recipe. All these foods combined can have you off dreaming as soon as your body hits the most comfortable mattress you could imagine. Nectar mattresses work on the same principles of combination, allowing our mattresses to be firm, yet supple, cool, yet comfortable. We truly are the light sleepers best friend. For more tips on how to maximize your sleep time check our blog out! You won’t lack for sleep tips any time soon. Happy snacking!

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