Exercises to Help You Sleep Better

Exercises to Help You Sleep Better

We covered in a previous Nectar blog post on why it is so important to make sleep a conscious part of your healthy lifestyle, but sometimes making the time and getting the sleep can be two totally different things. While we know you won’t be losing any sleep over missing a mattresses sale (thanks to Nectar’s great pricing policy and easy to use website), but there are tons of other things that can eat into your mattress time. We scoured the internet for some tips from fitness experts so that you can make your bedroom a temple to restfulness.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

If you’re lying awake and thinking about how much you wish you were sleeping, get up and do something else! Lying awake in bed can actually exacerbate the problem as you add stress and anxiety into your bed space. Keri Gans, M.S., R.D.N., certified yoga instructor and owner of Keri Gans Nutrition recommends that you start your relaxation rituals over again. Get out of bed and grab a glass of warm milk or tea, listen to soothing music or podcasts, heck even count the mattresses in a mattresses sale in your head. The only catch? Avoid screen time at all costs. Every second spent looking at your phone, computer, or tv actually restarts your body’s internal clock thanks to our biological response to light. So yeah, cut out the screen time!

Don’t Overtrain

Sometimes our best training actually happens on the mattress and not at the gym. Quality time on a Nectar mattress is a way to train your brain to sleep, a skill that is just as important as pumping iron. Exercise is usually good for your sleep, but too much can actually have the opposite effect. If you’re training too hard it could be keeping you up. It also could be because your central nervous system is trying to replenish your muscles. Try taking two days off in a row to reset your body. Take that third day and do something fun, like avoiding a mattresses sale and going to the movies — because you already saved a ton of time and money by using Nectar’s lifetime warranty!

Mix in Breathing Exercises

Most fitness experts agree that training right before bed is a no-no. Exercise is great for sleep. But exercising right before bed is not. It’s equivalent of revving your body’s engine a bunch of times before putting it in the garage for the night. Try to schedule your workouts so that you can be done at least two hours before bed. But if this isn’t a possibility, try doing some deep breathing exercises while sitting on the edge of your mattress. These techniques can slow your heart rate. They can often simulate the extra time it takes to get in a sleeping state of mind. If that doesn’t work, take peace of mind in the fact that Nectar has your back when it comes to fitness and sleep. We provide great support and breathability in a mattress so that you can optimize your sleep time. This will leave you well rested, fully recharged, and able to be your best self. Enjoy!