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The Evolution of the Mattress

This is a guest post from our friends at Sleep Cycle alarm clock, the top-selling alarm app on Android and iOS. Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep pattern through your smartphone and wakes you up at the ideal time for the best rest.

Did you know the world’s oldest mattress was discovered own South Africa and is 77,000 years old?

Egyptians slept on palm boughs as their mattress, while Persians may have created the first waterbed by filling goatskins with water to sleep on and the Ancient Romans used bagged reeds, hay, wool and feathers for comfort. It wasn’t until the 5th century that wooden cabinet/box beds were invented and we didn’t see actual bed frames until the 1400s.

In the 1700s, cotton mattresses were introduced…

And the mid-1800s brought consumers the first coil spring mattresses, as well as big “hot water bottle” water-beds and the term bunk beds became a household name. The 1900s spawned another big mattress revolution offering the Murphy bed in 1910, and modern water-beds and futons in the 1960s. The foam mattress was introduced in the 1990’s and the queen-sized mattress had become the most popular size for Americans by the turn of the century.

The 21st century brought more mattress evolutions…

with high platform beds and pillow top mattresses, as well as low profile beds and organic materials. The newer technologies used in today’s foam mattresses have allowed convenient shipping with a “bed-in-a’box” version that when opened, expands into a full mattress for a do-it-yourself alternative to consumers. Today, 38% of Americans prefer firmer mattresses, while 29% elect for after models and 14% choose from mattresses to sleep on. Almost 1 in 5 consumers sleep with a mattress topper and/or a body pillow and another 21% claim they are cuddlers. Finally, a whopping 63% of Americans sleep on their side, while just 20% sleep on their stomachs and 20% said they sleep on their backs. Download Sleep Cycle alarm clock today and never throw your alarm clock out the window again. What the App Store editors have to say about Sleep Cycle alarm clock: When your alarm goes off in the morning, is your first reaction to throw it against the wall? The problem isn’t with you—it’s with your alarm clock. Thankfully, Sleep Cycle offers a clever solution for improving your rest. Rather than yanking you from your slumber at a specific minute, the app analyzes your sleep patterns and then picks the moment you’re sleeping lightest (within a half-hour window you define) to rouse you gently. Best of all, unlike some smart alarms, this one doesn’t need extra hardware or require your device to be resting on your bed: it tracks your sleep using just its microphone! sleep-cycle-alarm-clock-evolution-mattress-infographic
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