Essential Oils to Help Sleep Illustration

Here Are The 4 Best Essential Oils to Use Before Bed

No matter how crazy your schedule is, it is so important to get eight hours of sleep in a day. Fitting that in between work, play, kids, and everything else can be a real problem, and when you finally get to the most comfortable bed, sometimes the stress of the day will keep you up anyway. Tired of sleeping pills, expensive therapies, and weird apps? Maybe a natural route is the best option for you (besides switching up your mattress to a Nectar, which is always our go-to route for a great sleep). Essential oils are great for a ton of reasons, not the least of which being that they are totally natural. Essential oils are botanical extracts that are specifically designed to lessen anxiety and promote good sleep habits, the best part? They’re totally effective and non habit forming! “Essential oils are great because your body doesn’t grow dependent on them,” says Kiara Le Blanc, vice president of brand and creative director of Saje Wellness “As a society, people are too used to the one-pill-and-go approach. This natural alternative has zero side effects.” So curl up in the most comfortable bed imaginable (a Nectar) and figure out which scent works best for your style.


Like the most comfortable bed, lavender is a sleep classic. This little purple flower has been helping people get to sleep for centuries. Lavender helps calm the nervous system, and gets your brain ready for sleep. Try this one if you’re still lying awake with insomnia, even after you’ve already tried a new Nectar mattress to create the most comfortable bed ever. Nectar and lavender, two great sleep tools that work great together.

Roman Chamomile

This tiny white flower is maybe most famous to you because of the sleep-inducing tea. That’s because Roman chamomile is a great anxiety reducer. Not only that, it smells comforting and warm. This essential oil is great to rub into the soles of your feet at night to counteract the feeling of anxiety you might get when you can’t immediately fall asleep while lying on the most comfortable bed.


While many citrus fruits are known for their energizing smells, orange actually works in the opposite direction. It can be used as a soothing antidepressant. Feelings of despair can be counteracted by a hint of orange. This oil works best when paired with one of the others. It’s a beautiful bass note that can keep its clarity when paired with others. Sort of like the four layers of memory foam on the most comfortable bed from Nectar.


Often used in candles and diffusers, vetiver is a calming, green forest smell that conjures up images of a rain soaked forest. Vetiver also has an “antispasmodic” effect, so if you’re suffering from restless leg syndrome, you may want to try mixing in some vetiver into your routine. It could be the difference between a quick nod-off and a well-rested evening. And as always, these scents are great with a Nectar mattress, which should always be your go-to when looking for a natural sleep aid. Remember, it all starts with your mattress. Happy dreaming.