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Effects of Sleeping in a Cold Room

Posted By Erin on Jul 25, 2017

There are all kinds of different sleepers out there. Some people sleep on their stomachs, some on their backs, others on their sides (for a complete breakdown of your sleep profile, check out the NECTAR blog). Some people will spend their lives looking for the best mattress, while others will wise up and just check out NECTAR’s website. Your sleep imprint can be as unique to you as your thumb imprint. That’s why NECTAR produces the best mattress out there. NECTAR incorporates a fully quilted layer of our gel cooling memory foam to provide extra loft and comfort — and with better breathability.

There is new evidence to suggest though that people who sleep in a cool room may have a tendency to be healthier than those who sleep in a warm room. A new study shows that the optimal temperature for a body to sleep is somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees. More than that, and the body will begin to wake itself up, even on the best mattress.

The Health Benefits of a Cold Room

There are a ton of reasons to keep your room a little on the chilly side. First of all, it signals to the body that it’s time for sleep.

“About one to one and a half hours before falling asleep, the body starts to lose heat from its central core and that brings on increased feelings of tiredness in normal healthy adults,” said Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel, a sleep scientist based out of Australia.

That means that there’s less of a time waiting to fall asleep. A cool room has also been shown to increase the body’s production of melatonin, a natural anti-aging hormone that is produced while you sleep. This hormone also works as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and will actually strengthen your immune system while you sleep. That means the best thing you can do to prevent illness is a little chill time on your best mattress.

There is even some evidence to suggest that sleeping in a cold room actually helps you burn more calories during the day, preventing such long term problems as heart disease and diabetes. So which mattress will help you keep cool and sleep on? I hope the answer is obvious: a NECTAR.

NECTAR is the best at keeping your room cold. Our tencel cooling cover is specially milled and loomed to breath, draw heat away and circulate fresh air for a perfect temperature sleep. NECTAR’s quilted cover is also naturally bedbug resistant for a fresh and healthy environment every time you lie down. NECTAR’s cover actually circulates fresh air throughout the mattress with every move you make. If it is ever time for a fresh cover for NECTAR just call and we will send you a new cover for no charge.

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