8 Sleep Facts About Bunnies For Easter (Because They’re Everywhere!)

What would Easter be without cute, cuddly bunnies practically everywhere?  From chocolate treats and stuffed animals to humans in full-on bunny costumes, we’ve seen so many bunnies, that they’re starting to pop up in our dreams. Which makes us wonder: What are the sleep habits of rabbits? We did some digging (as bunnies do) to settle our curiosity … and yours!

Reason 1

Sleep fact: Bunnies hate when you wake them up

That’s right—those adorable fur balls can act aggressively by growling and glowering if they’re woken up suddenly. We’re the same way before our coffee. Source

Reason 2

Sleep fact: Bunnies sleep in groups underground

Bunnies burrow underground and nestle together for warmth when they sleep. Think of it as their way of layering on blankets. They even set up different rooms for nesting and sleeping. Source

Reason 3

Sleep fact: Bunnies get busy before bed (and every other time of day)

They truly live up to their mating reputation! Bunnies begin reproducing at just two or three months old with each litter producing three to eight babies, which are called kits or kittens. Source

Reason 4

Sleep fact: Bunnies are midday snoozers

As crepuscular creatures, bunnies are most active at dawn and dusk and spend their days sleeping, relaxing, eating, and napping. We could get used to that schedule. Source

Reason 5

Sleep fact: Bunnies have favorite sleep positions (just like us!)

You’ll typically see him on his stomach with his back legs stretched out or lying down sideways. Bunnies can also fall sleep upright, which sounds a lot like us in front of the TV. Source

Reason 6

Sleep fact: Bunnies sleep with their eyes open

Bunnies stay on guard for predators, so they’ve adapted to sleeping with their eyes open, which you probably can’t see because of their floppy ears. Suddenly, bright eyed and bushy tailed takes on a whole new meaning. Source

Reason 7

Sleep fact: Bunnies can get bedhead

Like cats, bunnies clean and groom themselves by licking their paws and fur, but they still require regular grooming from their pet parents. Don’t let your bunny have a bad hare day. 🤪 Source

Reason 8

Sleep fact: Pet bunnies like sleeping under furniture

Why? It creates the feeling of a burrow (see #2). Make sure you set up a cozy undisturbed spot beneath a table, bed, or behind a sofa with a soft blanket for nibbling. Maybe we humans should try that. Source

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