Numbers That'll Make You Swap Out That Dorm Room Mattress

8 Need-To-Know Numbers

That’ll Make You Swap Out That Dorm Room Mattress

By Jack Ross

College is all about learning how to deal with life’s challenges like a (somewhat) adult. But the menace no one thinks of is lurking closer than you think: Your dorm room mattress.

Other than the disgusting factor (more on that below), a bad mattress can lead to awful sleep, which can affect GPA, among other things. According to a report from American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “the lack of adequate nighttime sleep can lead to disturbances in brain function, which in turn, can lead to poor academic performance,” says Clete A. Kushida, MD, Ph.D., director of the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research.

In the name of higher education, we’ve compiled eight need-to-know numbers that explain why you should swap out that sorry dorm room bed (if your school allows it!) for a new Nectar.

Up to 10 million

Number of dust mites inside a typical used mattress, according to one Ohio State study. That’s 10 million more dust mites than a new mattress has. Did you know that Nectar is designed to never get dust mites? Remember that fact (there’s a quiz at the end).  Source

20 million

Number of Americans who suffer from dust mite allergies. Instead of wondering whether you’re one of them, put your stress to bed by getting in a new Nectar.  Source

8,400 hours

Hours you’ll spend sleeping at school over the course of four years, assuming you sleep seven hours each night for 150 days in a semester (taking the January and summer sessions off, of course).

7 to 10 years

Average shelf life of a mattress. While no one knows how often colleges replace mattresses, it’s safe to assume it isn’t at the top of the Dean’s to-do list. Hate to break it to you.  Source


Percent of students who sleep less than eight hours each night. That means the hours you do spend in bed better be worth it.  Source

Up to 50%

Percent of college students worldwide who report having depressive symptoms. One study review reveals that sleep deprivation, which occurs at high rates in this population, may be a contributing factor. We’re not saying sleep makes you happy, but it can’t hurt.  Source

30 hours

Number of hours the average student studies each week—that’s practically a full-time job. Feeling like an overachiever? Those 30 hours just went up.  Source


Price of a new Nectar twin XL mattress (the standard dorm room size), designed for awesome comfort and coziness with a lifetime warranty. A mattress topper can’t beat that. And we’ve got a killer report card; thousands of customers give us an A+. Hey, we try to lead by example.

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