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Couples Sleeping Together Are Happier – Study Says

Posted By Erin on Oct 9, 2017

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Have you heard the old adage, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger?” Well, it turns out that advice could use some tweaking. A new study by Ohio sleep scientists shows that couples who sleep more actually argue less, not only that, when they do argue, the tone and severity of the argument is much more manageable for couples who get at least seven hours of sleep a night. One thing you’ll never have to argue on is the review on mattresses for Nectar. Across the board, Nectar scores high, making it one of the best review on mattresses you’ll find on the web.

When people have slept less, it’s a little like looking at the world through dark glasses,” said Janice Kiecolt-Glaser in a recent New York Times interview. Kiecolt-Glaser is a longtime relationship scientist and the director of the Ohio State Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research. “Our moods are poorer. We’re grumpier. Lack of sleep hurts the relationship.”

Couples from All Walks of Life

The study didn’t just focus on new couples, they used thousands of partners with a relationship span between three and twenty-seven years long. That’s long enough for both the well-slept and sleep deprived to develop communication techniques, which is why the sleep element is so interestingThe . study worked by the couples coming to the lab twice a week to be prodded on elements of their relationship that were the potential source of conflict. They then scored the language used in these discussions to assess positive and negative interactions. One thing that you’ll never have to argue about is the review on mattresses for Nectar. Our memory foam is top of the line, and at a price point that can’t be beat!

Common Threads

It turns out that couples still argue about the same things whether they sleep a lot or a little, like money, but the way in which they argue about them can be drastically different.

“It’s not the fact that the couples were disagreeing,” Dr. Kiecolt-Glaser said in the interview. “It’s the lack of sleep and the way in which they disagreed. The better functioning couples could do it with humor and kindness but clearly still disagree. The poorer functioning couples could get pretty nasty.”

If money is a common concern in your relationship, then the review on mattresses for Nectar could be the thing that solves both of your problems. Nectar uses new technology to give you completely affordable, premium mattresses.

“Losing sleep here and there and coming across interpersonal tensions in daily life is really common for people,” Dr. Wilson said to the Times. “These are small vulnerabilities that may add up. It teaches you the importance of getting rested every night and handling disagreements in a mindful way.”

The Unraveling Knot

What starts as a version of “the tangle” with the two partners facing each other in an embrace, ends in the partners drifted apart and sleeping on opposite sides of the bed. While you might think this means bad things for the relationship, body language experts actually say that this is the sign of a healthy relationship.

Dr. Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, says it’s, “A compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds.”

Independent and Apart

This happens when both partners lie facing opposite directions, with their backs to each other and ample space in between. While you might think this means trouble for the couple, it actually is a sign of confidence, says Dr. Sweet.

“I see this as them being connected and secure in themselves,” says Dr. Sweet. “This position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship.”

In a recent poll, 27% of respondents said that they slept this way with their partner, making it the most popular position on the best comfortable bed.

The Nuzzlers

This is when one partner lies on their back, with the other resting their head on the partner’s chest. It’s a sweet pose, mimicked often in popular movies and advertising. And with good reason, Dr. Sweet says that this pose is used often by new couples and reunited couples. The nuzzlers is a sign of trust, camaraderie, and protection.

Leg Hugs

This pose happens when you and your partner’s legs are intertwined, even as your bodies lay separate. This is also a sign of a new relationship, as it Dr. Sweet says it’s a clear communication that “You both can’t get enough of each other.” That doesn’t just manifest in a physical way, it also means that you might finish each other’s sentences, eat each other’s food, and hopefully shop for each others mattresses on Nectar’s website.

We at Nectar heartily agree that sleep is vital to any interpersonal relationship, which is why we recommend you try one of our mattresses today. We can’t wait to hear what your review on mattresses sounds like, we guarantee you’re going to like the way it makes you and your partner feel. Happy sleeping!

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