How a Comfy Mattress Can Boost Your Steamy Nights

How a Comfy Mattress Can Boost Your Steamy Nights

Alfred De Musset, a nineteenth century French poet, once wrote that, “Life is a sleep, love is a dream; and if you have lived, you have loved.” While he might not have been referring to the joys of a new mattress, he may as well have been. A new mattress can infuse all kinds of greatness into your life.

While there are obvious benefits to having a nice relaxing and comfortable bed, we thought we’d deep dive into how sleep and sex coexist in that space, and how one can influence the other. It turns out a good night’s sleep is extremely important to a good sex life. Not only that, but it also works the other way around. That’s right, the activities you get up to on your mattress can also lead to better sleep. It’s a win-win! So grab a comfy mattress and get ready for some steamy nights, because you and your partner truly can have it all. 

Sex Can be Key to Sleep

There’s all kinds of evidence that links sex with benefits to your health. Sex burns calories, releases endorphin, and (according to a new study) can even help your sleep schedule after your done. The study, which focused on over 400 different couples, showed that in over two thirds of cases, after sex both partners reported sleeping better. The catch? Both partners had to climax in order for that statistic to hold up.  

“The project is based on some preliminary research evidence that, after humans have sex and achieve orgasm, we have a massive release of a hormone called oxytocin,” said Michelle Lastella, a sleep expert in charge of the study. “This hormone among many other feel-good hormones has been said to act as a sedative to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.”

Oxytocin has all sorts of benefits that science is just starting to explore. Not only that, sleeping together has been proven to lead to an increase in the production of melatonin, a hormone that is so important for sleep regulation and deep, restful REM sleep.

Sleep Can be Key to Sex

On the other hand, it’s so important to your general mental and physical health to sleep a full eight hours. There’s all kinds of research to suggest that emphasizing sleep as a couple will give your bodies the chance to rejuvenate their physical and mental selves by allowng the reproduction of essential enzymes and hormones during deep REM sleep. That increase in those hormones also leads to an emphasis on empathy and trust, which all lead to a better connection in the bedroom.

So if your bedroom time has felt stagnant lately, perhaps it’s time to mix it up with a new mattress. It can help build that connection even further, and the physical benefits will make sure that your steamy nights occur more frequently. Don’t wait, it’s time to make this decision for you and your partner. Your romance will never be steamier.

Our mattresses give couples the sleep they deserve. Not to mention, there are other benefits from sleeping on a quality mattress. These benefits include: better night’s sleep, better for your posture, and may even increase romantic activity.

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