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Whats a Coffee Nap? Try One For a Quick Boost

Posted By Erin on Mar 31, 2017

Some days an eight hour work day seems like it lasts forever. You start yawning at ten AM. By the end of the day can’t wait to crawl into your bed mattresses. Often times we look to a cup of coffee for quick relief. A caffeine boost can be a losing battle. If you aren’t spending enough quality time sleeping on your bed mattresses, then coffee could just make you jittery — like an engine revving without getting into gear.

There’s a new technique that is taking the workplace by storm: coffee naps. Yes, two of the greatest joys in life turn out to be a perfect fit for each other. So how does this work? Isn’t the caffeine working against you? It turns out that the science is a little more nuanced than that. We at Nectar scoured the internet for more info on this startling new phenomenon to see what’s real, what’s a hoax, and what will get you well-rested. As always, the best way to get rest is by spending a solid eight hours a night on one of Nectar’s premium bed mattresses. Nectar’s quilted gel memory foam provides loft and air circulation, all while perfectly contouring to your body.

Timing is Everything

It does seem like drinking coffee and then trying to nap seems counterintuitive. Doesn’t the caffeine in coffee make it harder to fall asleep (even on super comfy bed mattresses from Nectar?). It turns out that the caffeine in coffee actually takes about a half hour to kick in — the exact amount of time for a restful nap.

Both coffee and naps block the brain’s receptors of adenosine, a chemical that makes you feel drowsy. When you drink coffee, then take a quick thirty minute nap, you’re doubling blocking those receptors, and doubling your perceived energy. This energy can last for hours, depending on when in the day you decide to take your nap.

“The lowest point of our circadian rhythm is in the afternoon,” says sleep specialist Dr. Suzanne Stevens. “If the nap can be timed just right, you can have hours of being more productive after the coffee nap.“

The Results are Startling

There have been a surprising number of tests done on the coffee nap. One, from 1997, showed that participants who drank a cup of coffee and then took a driving test reacted faster and more attentively than those who did not. There’s also further evidence that coffee and naps can create greater focus and lasting energy for a more efficient work day.

Obviously, there’s never a substitute for putting in eight hours of sleep on one of the great bed mattresses from Nectar, but adding a coffee nap to your schedule could be just the thing you need to finish up the day as strong as you started it. Coffee and Nectar, two great tastes that taste great together!

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