Can We Guess Your Wake-Up Routine?

Are you an early morning rise-and-shine type of person? Or, do you prefer to hit that snooze button to get those precious extra minutes of sleep? Whichever group you fall into, there are certain habits that you can do (and some you should not do) so you can have a great start to your day. Here is a list of some good and bad habits for waking up in the morning. Do you fall into any of these categories?

Wake Up to Natural Light


While it is important to keep your sleeping area dark, it is equally important to get some natural light in the morning. When your body is exposed to sunlight, it is naturally inclined to wake up. This is because your circadian rhythm revolves around perceived light: dim light tells it is almost night time and bright light tells it is morning. So, pull open those shades in the morning and greet the sun to start your day correctly.

Use the Snooze


Sometimes it is so tempting to get those few extra minutes of sleep. The truth, though, is hitting that snooze button actually causes you to wake up more tired than you did when the alarm first went off. Plus, you run the risk of being late and having to rush out the door in shambles and hungry. Set your alarm and wake up when it goes off. After a while, your body’s natural proclivity towards routines will allow you to wake up without an alarm.

Use the Facilities

First of all, after a long night of sleep, your body is probably bursting at the seams, so it just makes sense. Additionally, getting up to use the bathroom will make you more alert and less likely to fall back asleep (as long as you don’t try to jump back into bed afterward!). Wake up, heed the call of nature, and be ready to face the day fresh and renewed.

Start that Coffeemaker

For some, there is nothing better than that first cup of coffee in the morning. While not everyone’s cup-of-tea (pun intended), coffee gives many people the boost they need to start their day right. That said, whether you are of the cult of coffee or not, it is important to hydrate yourself in the morning. Drink a glass of water or tea to give your body its much-needed hydration from the hours it just went without.

Stretch or Exercise


Exercising in the morning is not always an option for everyone; however, doing some quick and easy stretches makes for a great start to your day. Your body can get pretty tense and rigid from hours of laying in the same position. Start your day with some good stretches to flex and move those joints and muscles. Stretching can even help if you slept in an awkward position and woke up feeling sore. Do some deep stretches and, who knows, your pain and tension may just melt away.

Make a Nutritious Breakfast

We all love donuts, pancakes and/or waffles. However, these simply make for horrible breakfast choices, causing that logy and gross feeling soon after. Bagels and muffins are also a bad idea for breakfast because your body digests the carbs quickly and you crash afterward, then you are sleepy and hungry well before lunchtime. Then, there are those people who choose to eschew breakfast entirely. This habit is the worst because it robs your body of the essential nutrients it craves and causes you to eat more later in the day to make up the loss. The best breakfast to have is one containing a protein, fruit, and fiber because it will give a mix of quick burst energy and long-lasting slow-burn energy.

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