Can We Guess Your Sleep Pattern?

Your sleep pattern is as individual as your fingerprint. Some of us are light sleepers, waking up at the drop of a hat, while others can literally sleep through anything (car alarms, earthquakes, you name it). While we can’t always pick our sleep pattern, we can figure out the best way to make the most of our mattress time.

It’s obviously important to get a full night’s sleep, and with the CDC recently declaring a sleep epidemic for US adults (with over 7 out of 10 of those surveyed saying that they will experience insomnia this year), it seems like it has never been harder to sleep well. Here’s where we can help, like those cartoons used to say, “knowledge is power” and knowing your sleep pattern, your sleep hygiene, and what makes a good mattress is over half the battle when trying to combat insomnia. We came up with a guide to help you figure out your sleep cycle, and to help you get best sleep of your life.


Fragile Sleepers and the Quest for the Perfect Eight Hours

Some people have a tenuous grasp on sleep. The room has to be the perfect temperature, without ambient light, and just the right amount of white noise before they can drift off to bed. We call these people fragile sleepers, and we feel for their plight. Because it can be hard to come by, a fragile sleeper knows the value of a good night’s sleep, so they put time into doing it just right. While they may not always have the best luck staying asleep (their sleep pattern is often short-cycled), they know that a great mattress is step one in the process of getting a good night’s rest.

Why a Fragile Sleeper Loves a Nectar Mattress: A fragile sleeper appreciates the finer things: nice sheets, a good humidifier, and most of all, a superior mattress. Nectar mattresses don’t skimp on their custom-milled tencel cooling cover, and it shows when you’re sleeping on the mattress. Fragile sleepers won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of their sleep cycle because of an overheated mattress, as our cover promotes air circulation for a light, fluffy sleep that will lull even a fragile sleeper to bed — and keep them their ‘till morning.

Night Owls find a Great Recharge for Their Creative Side

Night Owls are often creative-types who use the evening as a channel for their art. It could be music, writing, or even brainstorming your next business plan, but if you’re a night owl, those plans can mean that sleep is on the backburner. A Night Owl’s sleep cycle starts late and ends late, meaning that sometimes they’re going to get up well after the sun rises in the morning. When they crash, they crash hard, using their dream time as a way to brainstorm new ideas for their passion projects.

Why a Night Owl Will Love a Nectar Mattress: All that brainstorming means that when a Night Owl is ready to fall asleep, they want the most comfortable mattress to get them their fast. Nectar mattresses use premium quilted gel memory foam – a process that most mattress companies avoid due to the cost – to give extra loft and comfort to our sleepers. Even a Night Owl can’t resist the siren call of quilted gel, and its blend of traditional and groundbreaking materials means that a Night Owl is going to be able to sleep in whenever they want. That’s maximum dream power!

Log Sawers Finally Find the Support They Need

Log Sawers work hard, play hard, and sleep hard. When they hit the bed, they fall right to sleep, waking up eight hours later without any alarm clock needed. Many other sleepers are jealous of the Log Sawer, as it seems like an easy unbroken sleep cycle, but it’s not without problems. Log Sawers sleep so well that they can occasionally sleep on mattresses that lead to back and neck issues. Their tolerance for any sleep conditions means that they sometimes settle for less when it comes to bedding — at their own peril.

Why Log Sawers Love a Nectar Mattress: Finally a bed that matches the Log Sawer for durability and reliability. A Log Sawer will love the Nectar’s five layers of topper, foams, and a breathable base layer which offer maximum support for the heavy sleeper’s back and neck. It’s superior materials also means that a Log Sawer never has to worry about a Nectar mattress wearing out before they do. Say goodbye to stiff necks, and hello to energetic mornings. For more about what your sleep position says about you, check out our blog post. It’s full of useful tips on how to get the most out of your mattress!

Now that you know what kind of sleep pattern you have, why not join the dream team? Enjoy a Nectar Mattress and you’ll save $125 instantly when you order and will receive two free premium pillows.

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