Win New Apple Gear by Sharing Your Nectar Love

Calling All Selfies: Win New Apple Gear by Sharing Your Nectar Love!

There’s nothing better than sleeping on your Nectar mattress — unless it also happens to be winning you amazing prizes. That’s right, starting today and running through March 9th, you’ll be able to submit a photo or video of you and your Nectar mattress on social media using the hashtag #MyNectarMattress for the opportunity to win a computer, a tablet, or even a smartwatch.

Do you have what it takes? We think you do, so start working on your video or photo and let your inner influencer shine. It’s easy: just use your winning smile, your Nectar mattress, follow our rules, and submit a video or photo telling us how much you love the heavenly gossamer feel of sleeping on the best! Just remember to hashtag it #MyNectarMattress! Here are our fabulous prizes:

1st Place – Apple Macbook Pro retail value of approximately $1299 (US)
2nd Place – Apple iPad Pro retail value of approximately $649 (US)
3rd-10th Place – Apple iWatch 2 retail value of approximately $329 (US)

For additional contest information, click here.

Tips for a Great Submission

Need some help showing the world your love? Try some of these lines to start your video or photo and get your creative juices flowing. Remember, it might start with these lines, but a great #MyNectarMattress story is always going to be uniquely yours, because every sleeper’s story is as individual as their mattress. Here are some lines to help your submission out:

I love my Nectar mattress because…
I never realized Nectar mattresses were so…
Nectar helps me sleep by…
Here’s how Nectar changed my life…

Don’t waste any time, pop on over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and tell us how great it feels to be sleeping on a Nectar. Remember that we need #MyNectarMattress for it to be eligible. Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know about Nectar’s selfie contest:

How it Works

First, grab your Nectar mattress, then record a video or photo of yourself talking about how Nectar has changed the way you sleep, what you love about the mattress, or even how you heard about us. This should be fun and easy, just like sleeping on a Nectar! We want to hear your story of how you joined the Nectar sleep family. Your testimonial should be authentic and original. The more fun you have with it, the better it will be.

Next, include a short review to accompany your photo or video when you post it on social media. You can talk about your Nectar experience in your video, or you can even use text on top of your Nectar photo. Something simple, short, and sweet: kind of like the feelings you get when you wake up in the morning from a great night’s sleep. Tell us the tale of what your mattress means to you!

Where to Post

Post your videos anywhere you usually post on social media. We’re talking Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook — any place you have an audience. Make sure to hashtag your post #MyNectarMattress to enter. This not only helps us find your submissions, but also lets you connect with other Nectar sleepers on the web, so you can watch their videos and get ideas on what else you can tell us about your Nectar experience.

Our lawyers tell us that everyone who participates has to agree to the official contest rules. You can do that by entering your email and ticking the box on this site. If you don’t finish this part of your entry, your entry will not be complete, and you will not be eligible to win. So, don’t sleep on this important step.

You’ll have three weeks to post your selfies and reviews before the deadline of March 9th, so we encourage you to let your friends and family know that they can submit too! Don’t forget, your last day to submit is March 9th and voting starts March 12th. We will announce contest winners on the 19th of March.

How We Work With You to Help Choose The Winners

You’re all winners in our eyes, but the Nectar Creative Team will select 10 finalists to move on in the contest. Be as original and creative as you can– tug on our heartstrings, make us laugh, blow our minds, etc. — and don’t neglect to follow the contest rules. If you’re picked as a finalist, we’ll notify you by email. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to show your fun side! There’s no such thing as too much personality.

After we’ve selected those finalists, you can hop over to our website to check out the top ten and vote for your favorites. We will tabulate the winners based on social media response, so don’t be bashful about getting the word out to your friends and family to vote for you on twitter, instagram, and facebook. You’ll only have five days to vote, so every post counts! Remember to hashtag those posts with #MyNectarMattress so that we can categorize the votes and come up with a winner. Put on your biggest grin and crawl into bed for a selfie with your Nectar, it could just change your life!

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