Sleep and Blue light

Boston Red Sox are the Latest to Embrace Better Sleep Science at work

Sleeping on the job is generally not encouraged. We’ve shown in previous Nectar blogs that good sleep can be linked to increased productivity. It’s also proven to make happier workers and an overall sense of well being. But it still hasn’t caught on at most places of work. Our nation’s pastime has often been a pioneer of workplace environments. They were the first to integrate and the first to allow free agency for their players. Now the first… to have mandatory nap time? Recently The Boston Red Sox built a sleep room to help rejuvenate and revitalize the players. The facility, stocked with bed mattress, dim lights, and noise reducers is a sleeper’s paradise. It’s not superfluous though, the Red Sox view this as a competitive advantage in the world of high performance sports. “Everybody in professional sports — especially baseball, with the travel requirements of the sport — feels like sleep is something that can be a competitive advantage. We think we can win the sleep game.” says Boston Red Sox athletic trainer Brad Pearson. These results are now being born out on the field, with the Boston Red Sox being the first, but definitely not the last to institute these policies. It’s a no brainer (like a Nectar bed mattress) the coaches like them, the players like them, and the advanced analytics bare out the results: rested players are better players.

Not Just For Ball Players

The idea of a sleeping room isn’t only being explored by baseball, other vocations have also dabbled in the idea. Many airline pilots enjoy sleeping facilities when they aren’t flying the plane (thankfully) and while they may not have the best bed mattress, firehouses and nursing stations have quietly found that in stressful professions, it’s best to have your employees well rested and diligent. The link between lack of sleep and office accidents is not anything new, but the idea that more sleep could actually help performance is also infiltrating silicon valley. Many new tech companies have experimented with the idea of nap rooms. Dreaming not only leaves you refreshed, but often times it allows for new and better ideas to come from the unconscious. These ideas are at a premium in the ever changing world of tech. So with that being said, it seems like a great time to invest in a new bed mattress. Why not try a Nectar? With Nectar you get the support of a firm mattress with the comfort of a pillow top. Nectar’s combination of layers and materials allows Nectar to both contour and support your body.