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Boost Your Work Performance With a Good Mattress

Posted By Erin on Mar 29, 2017

You’ve been there: it’s Monday morning and you didn’t sleep well the night before. Maybe you spent too much time thinking about the new Game of Thrones Episode, or maybe you were tossing and turning on one of those old fashioned traditional mattresses. You roll into work, and just feel — irritated. Well, a new study from the Harvard Business Review shows that if you could have spent more time asleep (preferably on a good foam mattress from Nectar) that not only will you have better relationships at work, you’ll also be a better decision maker too.

The Harvard Business review is no slouch when it comes to productivity, and they’ve been tracking sleep studies for a while now (we’re willing to bet that they’ve got at least one Nectar mattress stored away somewhere on campus for power naps), but it has only been recently that they’ve been able to make direct correlations between sleep and worker productivity.

More Sleep: Good for Management, Good For Workers

Leaders are often the first people to lose sleep in a job, but ironically there is no one more at work who should be spending time on a good foam mattress. When we sleep less, it inhibits the part of our brain that allows us to regulate our emotions. That means that emotional outbursts at work (shown to be unproductive and sometimes downright dangerous) happen with greater regularity and greater severity. This will trickle down to the employees, causing dysfunction in the workplace, and a greater loss of productivity.

When you’re well-rested, not only are you better able to listen and keep your emotions in check, but your brain actually slows down time, making you a better decision maker. This too, will trickle down to your employees. The Harvard Business Review had this to say about it:


Previous research indicates that when leaders show their teams’ positive emotions, it those individuals will also experience positive emotions. This, in turn, leads them to attribute charisma to their leader. In other words, leaders who smile often tend to have happy and inspired teams.


While this may seem like a no-brainer, these studies are comprehensive.  They show that it’s especially important to have that extra bit of sleep to give you the level head you need to succeed.

So make Nectar your choice for a good foam mattress. Your body will thank you, and your employees will too. Nectar’s good foam mattress starts with four different kinds of memory foam, which supports as it also relaxes. Sounds like a great management style: supportive but relaxed. Try a Nectar and your employees will thank you!

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