What Happens to Your Body While You're Sleeping

What Happens to Your Body While You’re Sleeping

Posted By Erin on Aug 28, 2017

We might think of sleep as a passive activity. You climb into your great bed, pillowed by one of Nectar’s memory mattresses, and then drift off to sleep, right? Well, it turns out that the body is full of all sorts of activity while you snooze. When you sleep well on memory mattresses, you are setting yourself up for success during the day. You’re also letting your body take place in some complex systems that can only occur while you’re in a deep slumber.

So what actually happens when you’re asleep? Hint: there’s no fairy dust involved. We listened to Brad Stulberg, author of “Peak Performance. “Elevate your Game, Avoid Burnout and Thrive with the New Science of Success.”

“I used to think of sleep as a very passive process,” says Stulberg in a recent interview, “but now I tend to think of sleep as very active.”

A Vital Time of Rebuilding

When we work out our brain and body, we are actually breaking it down. Lactic acids build up and vital reserves are depleted. It’s only when we rest (on memory mattresses) that we actually get to build these reserves back up.

“It’s only during sleep that all the good growth-promoting hormones are released that allows your body to build back up.” says Stulberg. “We like to think that it’s during the day that our minds are growing and that our bodies are getting stronger but it’s actually quite the opposite.”

It’s like we always say, memory mattresses are a huge part of any good workout routine. No, we don’t mean carrying them! Sleeping on a Nectar is one of the best things you can do for your body. Nectar’s adaptive hi core memory foam helps support the body while providing rebound and bounce.

Body and Brain

It isn’t just the body that benefits from your time on a mattress, but your brain as well. The mind uses sleep as a powerful tool to help whittle and revise what we’ve learned and been challenged with during the day, to use those life experiences and store them away as wisdom. It’s a process that Stulberg believes is vital to the learning process.

“It’s when we sleep that our mind consolidates, stores and connects all the information that we’ve been exposed to during the day. It’s a filtering process per se,” says Stulberg. “We might think it’s during the day when we are doing all the hard work, that we are getting wiser and our minds are growing per se. But much like the body, that also happens when we sleep.”

So there you have it, convincing evidence that a good night’s rest on a Nectar is so important to the body’s active processes. So let Nectar help you with one of our affordable memory mattresses. Your body and mind will thank you.

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