Get better sleep to get into work mode

Form Great Work Habits After a Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just don’t want to do the work. Sometimes our 9-5 job, even the one we were once so happy to land, is not so exciting anymore. The good news is that by just changing your attitude to be more positive, and working on getting better sleep, you will be able to get into work mode faster. So on those days when the alarm goes off and you don’t want to get out of bed, or on the days when you stare blankly at your computer screen not feeling motivated or inspired late into the night, think of these habits and get your mind (and body) back in the work flow. While the most important component of focused work starts with restful sleep is a good memory foam mattress like Nectar, these tips will also help you stay aligned and focused.

1. Don’t worry when Monday morning comes. Start your day with a positive attitude. The most important thing is waking up feeling rested – and that starts with better sleep. Having a mattress that supports your back, so you don’t have any back pain or muscle cramps is important.

2. When you get to work, don’t bury yourself in emails and start chugging coffee. Instead ask your team about their weekend. Not just as a formality. Have interest in what people are doing outside of the office.

3. Take a break. Get a snack or drink when your body demands it. You aren’t going to magically complete all your tasks by spending more seated hours on a chair. When you walk around and stretch, your mind will have a chance to refocus when you sit down and see things in a new light.
In an argument or a crisis, build on new ideas – don’t oppose them. Learn to say ‘Yes’ instead of a No. Sometimes it’s easier to let a teammate take the lead and develop an idea than shut them down and have the pressure to come up with something better yourself.

4. Train yourself to think of options. When you think of multiple ways to solve issues you can test them out. This relieves the stress of needing one solution to work. You’ll set yourself up with a Plan B in advance.

5. Respect fellow employees as people first. They are not robots. They are living and breathing the same problems and pressures as you. Even with the people that can get on your nerves at the office – remember that they too have feelings and are facing unknown struggles in their life. Have compassion.

6. Share a joke when the going gets tough. Some humor is a great way to keep things light and yet stay focused. Start an office joke or funny moment that you all can share in.

7. Stay organized. File and index and sort materials as much as you can. Half your time can be used more efficiently if you didn’t have to hunt for an old e-mail or spend hours trying to locate an old file.
Respect your time. Remember that life is outside. Work is only a part of your life. Don’t take work home. If you prioritize better sleep at night, you will feel more refreshed through out the day. If you don’t respect your time and set the right boundaries, your manager won’t either.

8. A day off is a day off. Force yourself to actively be part of your own holiday. Switch off your work email and discourage official calls. Even electronic gadgets need time to reboot and refresh, then why not people. When you’ve had better sleep throughout the week, you can take full advantage of your holidays!