Better Sleep Means Healthier Brains

What has themes of world peace, sleeping right, and a human brain reading blogs on the toilet? No, it’s not the new Wrinkle in Time movie, it’s our new vid from Nectar on why more sleep means healthier brains. We’ve assembled the smartest scientist (who also happens to dress in pajamas) to explain why a Nectar mattress gives you good, solid sleep that will have your brain doing advanced calculus, instead of nodding off and dropping your phone in the toilet.

Research Proves That a Lack of Sleep Lowers Brain Function

Think you’re too fly for sleep? Then you haven’t met our resident pajama-clad sleep scientist, who shows why you’re at your coolest when you’re putting in a solid eight hours on a Nectar. Honestly, watch this vid and tell me you don’t want to be his best friend after literally thirty seconds? I dare you. I double dare you. Don’t make me pull out the triple dinosaur dog dare, just watch the vid and see for yourself.

He explains how a lack of sleep stops you from being able to concentrate at work, makes you eat more, lowers your sex drive, and can make you  a total pr— Well, just peep that content and you’ll get the gist of what he’s saying. I mean it. Don’t be a total schmuck, check out the vid, then grab a mattress and see why Nectar is what’s up when it comes to a great night’s sleep.

Don’t Believe a Man in Pajamas? Believe Science

That’s right, we took out the brains of some famous world leaders (you might recognize them by their distinctive haircuts) to show you once and for all that a Nectar is THE way to deal with cranky leadership on the verge of nuclear annihilation.  No seriously, check it out here. Classic symptoms of sleep deprivation? Grab a new mattress. Case closed, world peace achieved. What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love, understanding, with a full night’s sleep on a memory foam mattress? Nothing. Nothing at all.

365 Days Without Commitment

The Nectar one year money back guarantee gives you a whole year without commitment to fall in love with our mattress, this fact also leads to some insight into our sleep scientist’s college love life. (Calm yourself people, he’s married now.) We’re so confident you’re going to be into our mattress that we also offer a forever warranty, which will outlast your own love life, your hair, and literally the rest of humankind. That’s some heady stuff, but it shows how much we love this dang mattress.

So what are you waiting for? Peep the vid, have a laugh, then check out a mattress that will lift you up, is never gonna tear you down, will never run around and desert you. It’s time for a change, and we’re here to make it happen. It’s Nectar time.


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