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The Best Things Take Time: Nectar Mattress Shipping

Posted By Erin on Aug 3, 2016

Nectar was founded on the principles that nothing is more important than your sleep. So it’s no surprise that our fans agree Nectar is “The Most Comfortable Bed.” Nectar’s production process includes 200 steps and 6 separate quality reviews before the Nectar mattress shipping team gives it the golden seal of approval! From there it is ready to be shipped directly to your door. Our bed is actually more comfortable than any other mattress on the market – and you won’t just see it, you will feel it. The final beds weigh in slightly heavier than other direct to consumer mattresses, but that’s because it’s built better, using heavier and more durable materials. We think that is the right way to construct a mattress, but this means that production takes time, and Nectar mattress shipping can’t go faster. As an employee owned company focused on your satisfaction, we refuse to compromise by speeding production. We promise your Nectar mattress delivery is our top priority. It’s our aim to get Nectar mattress shipped to you in 48 hours of placing your order, however due to popular demand, our Nectar mattress delivery time is taking a little longer than usual. Please check the website and ensure that our updated Nectar mattress shipping schedule fits your needs. Our world-class customer service team is hard at work to make sure we work with our supplier to improve our Nectar mattress shipping speed. 

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