Best Summer Playlist for Sleeping

The Best Summer Playlist for Sleeping

Posted By Erin on Dec 1, 2016

Music soothes the savage beast, as the saying goes. There’s nothing better than laying back on a soft summer night, playing some tunes, and drifting off to sleep on a great bed (like Nectar’s foam for mattresses). Great music can transition your before bed experience into a restful night’s sleep like nothing else. Plus, with no screen to distract you, music is a great way to cut down on ambient light in your room (which we’ve profiled in other blogs as a huge deterrent for the light sleeper). The perfect sleep mix can take some tweaking, but here are a few musical acts that we’ve discovered to aid you in that quest. Just remember, like foam for mattresses, all are not created equal, you need to find your own way when it comes to sleep and music. That being said, all these acts are chill, beautiful, and can’t miss. Enjoy them while curled up alone or with a friend on your Nectar mattress.

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso is a dreamy pop duo from Brooklyn. They write great, catchy songs thanks to lead singer Amelia Meath’s foundation in North Carolina mountain folk. These songs are anything but folky, however, after producer Nick Sanborn blends his patented mix of synthesizers and chill beats. Perfect for a stormy evening in, these songs have a dark prettiness to them that only gets better on repeated listens. Their latest album, What Now, is a culmination of what has been building for the last few years, with song after song lulling you into a mystical where dream meets melody.


Jonsi is the former lead singer of icelandic band, Sigur Ros. Where Sigur Ros went epic, Jonsi goes small. Often times his beautiful, crystal-clear voice is simply over a chorus of piano. Jonsi’s voice is otherworldly. But his subject matter is not. It is the perfect antidote to these trying times. Also, like any great foam for mattresses, you can bring your own sense of self to these songs.  Try any of his last two albums and be filled with a joyous contentment that should last long after you fall asleep.

Halloween Alaska

Halloween Alaska is a minneapolis pop duo that has been creating dreamscapes for almost fifteen years.  The OC in 2004 has continued to make standout music for the better part of two decades. Drummer, Dave King uses his traditional jazz drumming in tasteful small doses. He mixes in traditional drums with electronics. The EV producer and keyboard player adds swirling layers of digital sounds. This allows James Diers’ dreamy vocals to float above it all. The song, “You’re It” is a perfect example of a perfect sleep inducer.  What are you listening to on your Nectar bed? We can’t wait to hear your recommendations, and maybe they’ll be featured in a future post! Happy sleeping.

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