Best New Content to Stream While Chilling This Summer

The Best New Content to Stream While Chilling This Summer on Your Nectar Mattress

Posted By Erin on Aug 24, 2016

It’s summer and we are all looking to be our best selves. What are we doing? Going to barbecues, swimming on the lake, frequenting a mattresses sale? OK, probably not the last one (especially because Nectar has you covered for great and affordable mattresses). Sometimes though, you just want to stay home and Netflix and chill (but like, actually chill). Luckily there’s a ton of new content to catch up on. So on those rare rainy days, take a load off, come in from the rain (and the crazy mattresses sale), and enjoy some quality me time on your Nectar mattress. You deserve it!

Rory Scovel Tries Stand Up For the First Time

Rory Scovel is a North Carolina comedian who (as the title suggests) has his first Netflix special ever. What maybe isn’t true is that he’s doing it for the first time. Scovel has been practicing his own brand of absurdist humor for years now and it shows. From front to back Scovel packs the hour with bizarre voices and regressions into insanity. If this sounds weird… it is, but somehow Scovel makes it work. His bit about how none of us actually understands how a microphone work had me dying — like side-splitting, gut-busting laughing. So if the lack of a good mattresses sale in town has you down, don’t fret. Just order a mattress from Nectar, and turn up Scovel. There’s nothing than a great laugh before you drift off for a snooze.


Starring Will Arnett (of Arrested Development fame) this series focuses on Arnett as Chip, a recovering alcoholic starting over as a guru in southern California. The show follows Arnett’s ups and downs, allowing him to stretch his range as a comedic and dramatic actor. The series may not be as zany as Arnett’s previous work, but it’s a more coherent and full thought (kind of like using Nectar’s website instead of one of those skeezy local mattresses sale, where you never know what you’ll find). This series also has the benefit of a great soundtrack, with tons of original music from indie rock darlings, Scarey.  

The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the summer of love, the 1967 summer that saw a revolution in politics, music, and culture in San Francisco that influenced the rest of the world. The Other One tells the story of Bob Weir, founding member of The Grateful Dead, who would always live in the shadow of the better known Jerry Garcia. This documentary is full of great old footage, interesting interviews, and of course radical tunes. Highly recommended for anyone, this is especially interesting if you’re a recovering deadhead. Paired with a Nectar mattresses sale (try checking the website) and you’re sure to have a totally groovy night’s sleep. So let us know what you’re watching, and as always make sure when you binge watch, binge watch responsibly. We have a ton of tips over at the Nectar mattress blog if you’re having trouble falling asleep. See you on the web!

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