Sleep Promoting Light - Illustration Nectar Mattress

The Best Lighting For a Good Nights Sleep

There are a million distractions keeping you from getting the sleep you need. Nowadays we have tv, smartphones, and tablets all lighting up our lives. While these things can be awesome if you need to be entertained or want a quick distraction, they can also hinder us by tricking the brain into thinking that it isn’t time for bed yet. Your bedroom should be a sacred, restful space and hopefully not mimic a pinball arcade. One great way to make sure this happens is to grab a Nectar mattress. Our foam for mattresses is the best in the game and comes at a competitive price point that we will put up against anyone else.

But apart from amazing foam for mattresses and ditching your electronic devices, what do you do if you’re still having problems nodding off? Well, for starters you should check your light fixtures. It may sound crazy, but the lights in your room could be preventing your brain from realizing that it’s time to sleep. With over one third of American’s suffering from not enough sleep, it’s time to break out of your funk and grab some new lights!

A New Breakthrough

It turns out that many household lights emit something known as “blue light.” These bluish hues can subconsciously trigger your brain to stay awake, something that sleep scientists have been studying for the past decade. In a recent interview for CBS, sleep expert Michael Breus spoke about why blue light can be so detrimental to your sleep time.

“So it turns out that there’s a very particular wavelength of light that’s blue and when it hits certain cells in your eye called melanopsin cells,” said Breus. “It tells them to turn off the melatonin faucet in your brain. Well, you kind of want that faucet on when you’re falling asleep.”

Melanopsin cells produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates a person’s sleep cycle. Like foam for mattresses, melatonin is vital for a good night’s rest. Not getting it could be the equivalent of ditching your foam for mattresses and then just sleeping on a hardwood floor. Nobody wants that. So what should you look for in a light bulb?

Less Blue Light is Better

There are a number of options out on the market nowadays. There are LED lights that selectively reduce blue light. This boosts your melatonin production and reduces the alert and anxious feelings that you may be experiencing before bed.

In addition to this there are a number of great sleep apps that can filter out bluelight from your phone and smart TVs. Try the nightshift mode on your iphone to see what having bluelight filtered looks like. Like great foam for mattresses, you should immediately notice the difference.

So there you have it, try some new bulbs along with your Nectar foam for mattresses. It’s a great combination that will have you dreaming the night away — just like you always wanted.