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Your Bed Could be The Best Learning Space You Aren’t Using Correctly

Posted By Erin on Mar 5, 2017

How often do you lie in bed, awake and thinking about tomorrow’s problems, unable to drift off even on new beds and mattresses? Insomnia is a problem that can plague anyone from time to time. New research is showing that problem-solving is linked to sleep.  That means sleeping could actually be the problem-solving solution we’ve been looking for!

A new sleep study conducted in France this year showed that the human brain actually as the capacity to subconsciously learn new skills.  We’ve covered in previous Nectar blogs about how the mind is super active while the body rests. But it has never been known how much interactivity the mind could do during periods of sleep. Sure, we’ve all heard the ads about “learn French while you sleep.” But much of that came from circumstantial evidence. This new study gives definitive proof. Not only is the brain active while sleeping, but it is also able to comprehend the outside world.

White Noise Patterns

The study focused on showing each participant a series of beeps and white noise right before sleep. They asked the participants to focus on the patterns emerging. Then, half of the participants were also allowed to hear these patterns while they slept. The half that heard the patterns during deep REM sleep were better off. They were able to recall and remember the patterns much easier than the ones who did not. This means that the brain was absorbing this information subconsciously. It is important to note that this learning took place on a subconscious level. None of the subjects were able to recall hearing it in their sleep. They just instinctively recognized the patterns better.

For more information on how white noise can quite your brain, visit our Nectar blog post here.

Applying this at Home on New Beds and Mattresses

So what does this mean for you? It means that a good night’s sleep will often lead to your mind working on a deep, problem-solving level even while you’re sleeping. So don’t feel guilty about quality time on new beds and mattresses. It also means that deep REM sleep is most valuable, so getting to that point is a must if you’re going to live up to your full potential at work. Try these quick tips for maximizing deep REM sleep so you can have max brain power in the morning.

Get rid of artificial light: Any extra light in your bedroom can indirectly keep you awake. According to an article on “artificial light disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm—the body’s 24-hour sleep/wake cycle—and has been shown to affect things like brain wave patterns, hormone production, and cell regulation.

Read a Book to Fall Asleep: Reading, instead of indulging in more screen time, is proven to be a relaxing and good before bed activity. In an article by Georgia James, you’ll see there are many reasons for reading before bed. It actually has been proven to reduce stress, whereas technology is proven to increases stress.

Count Backward From 300 by Threes: This might sound strange but sleep psychologist Dr. Breus has proven to work. He says, “it is mathematically so complicated you can’t think of anything else, and it is so boring I am out like a light!

Heated Eye Masks: Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala Yoga, has boxes on heated eye masks. She says they are common in Japan and sink her right into a deep sleep.

With these practices, it should be a cinch to top out your brain power. Who knew that learning could be so restful and peaceful? With a Nectar mattress, anything is possible!


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