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Beat the Burn by Adding Sleep to Your Week

How many times have you had a rough Monday? The kind of Monday where you’re drinking coffee, scheduling meetings, and already feel exhausted by 10 am — the rest of the work week looming over you like some kind of monster. Sometimes the Sunday scaries can last well into the week, making you want to just crawl home, into your best comfy mattress and never get out. It’s no secret that we are living in a time of sleep crisis these days. More than ever we are connected to our jobs, to our phones, and to work. The burnout that comes with this lifestyle can take many different forms, all of them overwhelming. We here at Nectar care about your wellbeing, so here are ways you can get back to being the old you. Hint: some of them even require you to spend more time on the best comfy mattress around. Yes, that means more Nectar time, lucky you!

Physical Burnout

A lot of times this is the easiest one to spot. This is why you’re drinking coffee, but not feeling any better. Often times this is the one harming your sleep schedule the most. To combat that feeling of tiredness, try planning early in the week. If you have a self care plan that includes eating right, exercise, and plenty of sleep, you can combat the feeling before it starts. It’s important to remember that your body is an engine, and it needs every part running or it starts to fall apart. That means a lot of quality time resting it on your best comfy mattress. Truly, don’t look at it as an indulgence, it’s required! Your health depends on it.

Mental Burnout

This is when you have that hazy, mental fog that pervades conversations and makes you into a nodder, you know the type. These are people who aren’t bad people, they just can’t pay attention or keep themselves in the moment long enough to hold a conversation. If you feel like this is you, try practicing some informed mindfulness (aka meditation). Not only will this keep you in the present, it also forces you to practice empathy, building relationships and strengthening the bonds at work. If you’re still feeling foggy, try taking a quick power nap. Those can work wonders when you’re still living in sleep debt. You don’t even need the best comfy mattress around, any quiet corner will do.

Emotional Burnout

If you’re feeling uncreative, uncaring, and just generally unmotivated then you might be suffering from emotional burnout. The good news? It’s totally treatable. Much of this can be treated with motivation. If you feel stuck in a routine, try switching things up. Work from a different part of the office, try exercising on your lunch break, even wear new shoes! Anything can get you out of the rut, if you’re willing to try. And as always, it’s totally OK to feel this way. We all do sometimes. We here at Nectar want to minimize your stresses, that’s why we made online ordering and shipping so hassle free. It’s the great way to end the day, and keep the burnout at bay. Happy sleeping.